Virtual Class Timetable

NO virtual classes – August Bank Holiday Monday

Streaming via the new Roehampton Club Live website – see the timetable below.

Due to disruption by hackers of the virtual fitness classes via zoom we have launched Roehampton Club Live (see below for instructions on how to create an account).

This online platform allows us to securely stream our fitness classes live to Members. You will be able to attend each class online by logging into the Roehampton Club Live website and clicking on the class that you would like to view. That class will also be stored for you to access at your leisure, in case you can’t make a class or want some homework! There is also a stock of recorded classes for you to view whenever and wherever you want.

The launch of the platform was brought forward so please bear with us as we may experience some teething problems and there are some elements that need to be amended post launch.

Sign up now

Go to to create your account, username and password* and access the virtual classes (below) from Monday morning.
* The username and password do not have to be the same as your Members’ website username and password. Please make a note of your login details as staff will not be able to help you access those in future.

Welcome back to studio fitness classes

A limited timetable of fitness classes will run in the studio from Monday 27th July

Click here for the guidelines, safety information and booking 



Notes on up-coming virtual classes … 
Roy’s Family Fun Fit is on hold for the summer – pre-recorded videos available via RoehamptonClubLive

Click here to create your account, username and password to start using Roehampton Club Live


With Susanne
8-9am – Pilates

with Gym Staff
8.30-9am – HIIT

with Gym Staff

9:10-9:40 – Core

with Ayesha
10.30-11.30am – Ballet Fit


With Roy
9-9.45am – HIIT and Core

9:55-10:25 – Stretch

With Jocelyn
11am-12pm – Pilates

HIIT Conditioning involves short bursts of interval training using body weight conditioning exercises to burn a large amount of calories in a short amount of time, as well as toning. Providing an all over body workout.


with Susanne
7.30-8.30am – Stretch Pilates

Stretch Pilates is slow paced mat based exercises to improve muscle control, coordination, tone and strength. With focus on mobility and stretching to work on flexibility.

8.30-9.30am – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

with Ayesha  ** new, slightly-later time **
10.15-11.15am – Body Conditioning

With Jocelyn
6-7pm – Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda yoga is a classical form of yoga practising pranayama (yogic breathing) and asanas (yoga poses) to increase strength and flexibility and relaxation to calm the body and the mind.


With Roy
8.30-9.15am – HIIT and Core

with Susanne
Pilates – 7-8pm


with Amelia
9.30-10am – Zumba

with Roy
7-7.45am – HIIT and Core

10-10.45am – LBT


With Susanne
9-10am – Pilates

With Ayesha
10-10.45am – LBT


With Roy
9.30-10am – HIIT

10.10-10.40am – Core

With Jocelyn
10-11am – Pilates

11.20am – 12.20pm – Gentle Hatha Yoga