All visitors to the Club are the responsibility of the staff member, Member or team captain who invited them.

If the guest of a Member, the relevant guest fee is payable unless the visitor is part of a visiting team in a competition.

On arrival, all visitors must sign in at the Security Gatehouse and proceed to Reception.

Car parking

There is a Visitors’ Car Park on the left inside the main gate on Roehampton Lane. Use postcode SW15 5LS for GPS or satellite navigation. Click here for further contact information and map.

Dress codes

All persons are required to be suitably dressed at all times while on Club premises. The general dress code is ‘smart casual’. The wearing of caps is not permitted in the Clubhouse.


Sports clothing. Non-marking clear soled squash shoes only.
For more information email Paul Lindsay, Racquets Manager (Head Squash and Padel Pro) –


Players must wear tennis clothing with tops at least 90% white.  For full details, click here
For more information email Dan Lott, Racquets Director –


Members, visitors and guests are required to be suitably dressed while playing croquet having regard to the occasion. Flat shoes must always be worn while playing. White clothes must be worn on Club Days and at all matches during the summer season.
For more information email Louis Laville, Golf and Games Manager –


All golfers must be appropriately and suitably dressed in golfing attire while playing on the course or on the practice areas. Members must ensure that these requirements are made known to their guests.

The Club wishes to foster a smart yet congenial atmosphere for playing golf. Gentlemen are not allowed to wear tee‑shirts, singlets, tracksuits, boxer shorts or swimming trunks.

Shorts must be tailored shorts not less than mid‑thigh length. When shorts are worn, either knee‑high socks (one plain colour) or predominantly white sports socks, which completely cover the ankle, must be worn.

Trainer liner socks are not allowed. All caps should be removed when entering the Clubhouse or Health Club.

Ladies are not allowed to wear brief shorts, sun‑tops or leggings. Dress, which exposes bare shoulders or midriff, is not allowed. Sleeveless shirts must have collars and collarless shirts must have sleeves.

Click here for the full Golf Dress Code

Only golf shoes may be worn on the golf course. Trainers may be worn on the practice areas.
For more information email Louis Laville, Golf and Games Manager –