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Padel Club Championships

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There will be pressure on court availability. This also means when looking to rearrange a match court booking maybe difficult.

Courts have been booked for the allocated quarterfinals, semifinals and finals days / times, I hope you can all play when scheduled.

Match timings / players’ responsibilities / courtesy

With pressure to play the matches over a short period of time please show courtesy to your fellow opponents and try to play them on or ahead of schedule, we cannot afford to get a backlog of matches.
There will be days and times that are not convenient to you and/or your opponents. SO, it is ALL players’ responsibility to arrange the match with their opponents before the next round is scheduled to be played.

NOTE 1 If you rearrange a match please, where possible, notify Paul and likely next opponents

NOTE 2 If there is a real problem please contact Paul Lindsay as soon as possible so that I can help resolve it quickly (even if it comes to an independent coin toss!).

Email, phone 07841 429910


Please can the winning pair email Paul your result straight after the match.
Paul will update the official draw sheets on the Padel notice board in the Bandstand pavilion.

Finals will be on Saturday 4th September from 10:00
YOUR ENTRY FEE INCLUDES an invitation to Finals Day and presentations.
As well as the finalists, all competitors, supporters, partners, guests, and Juniors are welcome!

I look forward to seeing you all over the coming weeks, good luck everyone.

By signing up to this competition you are consenting to us making your contact details available to other members for the purposes of contacting you in relation to competition.  If you do not want your details to be available for such purposes you must inform the Club directly.  Your personal details will only be used in accordance with the Club’s privacy policy, a copy of which has been provided to Members and which can also be seen on the Club’s website.

Padel Tennis Coaching

Adult and Junior Padel Autumn term coaching

Click here for the information regarding coaching, week commencing 6th September and information on how to book online.

Social Sessions

Click here for the updated Padel Social Session offer from week commencing 6th September.  Sign up for all social sessions via Reception.#

Introduction to Padel sessions for September only

For Members new to the game and wanting to try it out before joining the social sessions or leagues.
Tuesday 9am to 10am
Sign up for introduction sessions at Reception.

Any questions please contact Paul or visit the Padel Tennis page on the Members’ website for more details.

Paul Lindsay | Racquets Manager and Head Padel Pro |