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Virtual Talk with Viv Haxby – Colourful Consorts

Monday 8th March, 6.30pm – free online event

Join Member and Blue Badge Guide, Viv Haxby, to hear about four of our most interesting Queen Consorts.

Viv will talk about Caroline, probably the funniest and the cleverest Queen we have
had. And Charlotte – so familiar to viewers of Bridgerton … – who proved to be ‘as fertil’ as a turtle’. Alexandra who tolerated the numerous infidelities of her husband, and was the original leader of fashion. And Mary who came into her own during the dark days of the First World War, was the first to get ‘down among the people’, and really defined the role for the twentieth century and beyond. All four were expected to produce an heir – and preferably a spare. They all did their best to support their husbands, endorse and promote British products, support charitable initiatives and uphold what were perceived to be the values of the nation. Four very different women who each brought their own distinct style to the role of Consort

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Virtual Talk on the History of Backgammon with Chris Bray

Wednesday 10th March, 6.30pm – free online event

Chris and Gill Bray run the backgammon section here at the Club. Chris is The Times backgammon columnist and is a UK international. He is currently ranked #4 in the UK. Chris will tell the story of backgammon, from its earliest beginnings in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago, through to the modern day. Along that journey he will cover:

  • The origin of dice
  • Backgammon in history, art and literature
  • The emergence of the doubling cube in the Roaring Twenties
  • Celebrity players and high rollers
  • The giants of the game
  • What really happened to Lord Lucan?
  • The modern computer era
  • Game of skill or luck?
  • Where to play?

Live Lounge with Alistair McGowan

Thursday 11th March, 7pm – free online event

Join Alistair at his new home in Shropshire as he plays six, short, solo piano pieces by the ever-popular French composer Erik Satie (1866-1925) interspersed with some short anecdotes about Satie’s musical life, Alistair’s comedic life and our frustrated lives during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A ‘virtual’ evening of laughter and beautiful, soothing music. A perfect 30-minute antidote to lockdown woes!

An evening with Darren Anderton

Wednesday 17th March, 6.30pm – free online event

Darren Anderton played topflight football for Tottenham Hotspur and England for 12 years and finished his career with Bournemouth in 2008. He was one of the most gifted English players of his generation and would have added to his 30 England caps if he had not been blighted by injury. Darren has played golf in our Senior Tour Pro Am so he knows the Club well and has kindly agreed to talk to Members from his home in California about his time with Spurs, England as well as the modern game. Marc Newey will be asking him to recount lots of stories and anecdotes but please send in your own questions to

Love your Ipad with Chris Bray

Monday 22nd March, 2-3pm – free online event

A virtual workshop to learn how to get the most out of your iPad with Member and IT whizz, Chris Bray. Includes a session on how to use the Zoom platform which has become so popular in these recent times.

Murder! at the 18th Hole

Thursday 8th April, 6pm – free online event

This virtual murder mystery evening is set in Skellington Golf Club where Roehampton Club has been playing a friendly mixed match. Mysteriously the Chairman of Skellington Golf Club has been found brutally murdered. You will play detective, meet the shady characters played by brilliant actors, interrogate them and try to figure out who dunnit. We recommend dressing up appropriately to the story, but it is entirely up to you.

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Reviews of recent events

An Evening with our MP, Fleur Anderson, Thursday 18th February

Over 70 households joined us last week for a virtual evening with MP Fleur Anderson. Fleur was elected in 2019 as MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields and has risen rapidly up through the ranks to be the Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office. Fleur shared with Roehampton Club Members her thoughts on her first year as our MP and answered your questions on local and national issues including Brexit, Covid19 and Scotland. Here’s what you had to say:

Thank you for the terrific event tonight. Superbly hosted and the hour sped by. We attended her Zoom meeting on Putney High Street earlier this week so know her performance is not a flash in the pan. Thanks for having the foresight to put this event on.

Fleur was charming and so nice and sensible in what she said!

Thank you Nicki for organising this evening. What a brilliant MP. I am not surprised she broke the pattern in the last election. I would love to be a fly on the wall during her meetings with Gove!

Piano recital by Karl Lutchmayer, Saturday 20th February

The first in our new Live Lounge series, Karl entertained over 40 Members recently with some beautiful piano playing. The relaxing evening was just what we needed in this current lockdown. Here’s what you had to say:

Many thanks Nicki – he came across as a very entertaining person as well as being the most brilliant pianist – thanks so much for arranging it all – look forward to the rest of them!

Karl was a most enthusiastic performer and made his talk (and play) most interesting.

I liked the pieces he chose and his amazing gift. His stories and introduction to each piece was relaxed and informal.

It was easy to engage with, and Karl Lutchmayer was charming and a wonderful pianist.

Jazz with Katriona Taylor, Friday 26th February

A lovely start to the weekend, over 60 Members joined a virtual live performance with UK jazz singer Katriona Taylor last Friday, the second is our new Live Lounge series. Joined by her pianist Peter Hammond, Katriona entertained us with songs from some of her favourite composers. Here’s what you had to say:

I love Katriona’s sort of jazz mix

Good music – relaxing. Right length.

Superb voice I enjoyed it.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Live Lounge evening with Katriona Taylor last night. Thankyou so much for organising this.

Great to hear some of the ‘classics’. A very relaxing and enjoyable start to the weekend – thank you.

An evening with pianist Richard Sully, Tuesday 2nd March

Members delighted in listening to Richard play popular songs from musicals and film themes in the third of our virtual Live Lounge Series. Richard impressed by playing requests throughout the evening. What just one Member had to say summed up the evening:

Probably the most enjoyable and relaxing hour I have spent in the last year. Bravo.

Online Curry and Quiz Night, Wednesday 3rd March

Last night, we had the first Roehampton Club online curry and  quiz night. With Member Paul Mendelson as the brilliant and entertaining Quiz Master, it was an entertaining evening full of friendly rivalry and great frivolity, supplemented by a delicious click and collect curry from Arnaud and his team.
The winner in first place was ‘Barnes Variants’, in joint second place we had ‘The Croqueteers’ and ‘Quaranteam’, and in third place, we had ‘Mandy’s Minions’.
The best team name was awarded to the ‘Quarantina Turner’.

Here’s what you thought about the event:

Thanks so much for the excellent quiz last night – we really enjoyed it. And the curry was delicious too

Terrific evening, thank you. Paul was on terrific form, and the quiz was brilliantly formulated. Well done. Curry terrific too. Tasty and very good value. Who needs in-person action.

Great fun last night. Brilliantly organised, and you managed.