Racquet Director’s Diary

Tennis Leagues

The new tennis leagues will come out in a few days. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the leagues will continue over the summer period as I’m sure more Members will be staying in London and want some competitive tennis during this time. However, if you do not wish to be included in this league run please contact me. Please note that the singles leagues will now revert to 15 games instead of the shortened 13 game format.

Dress Code

Please can I ask that all Members adhere to the Club’s dress code when on court. If you bring a guest to play tennis at the Club it is the Member’s responsibility to ensure they are wearing the correct clothing. Click here to see the dress code.

Court Bookings

Please may I remind all Members to input their playing partners when booking a court online. I know it may take slightly longer but the new guidelines state we must do this so we can keep track of who is on site each day. Please also note the current booking rules below:

◊ Members are asked to cancel bookings if unable to play. This includes cancelling in bad weather as everyone has a different definition of ‘bad’ weather. Other Members may wish to switch surface in these circumstances.

◊ Courts not taken within ten minutes may be released and booked by another Member unless notice has been given to Reception.

◊ Members are also asked to ensure they have checked in at the Club prior to using their court or up to 3.5 hrs after the court booking – failure to do so will result in a ‘no show’ email being sent. This is to make sure every booked court is used. Instructions below).

◊ The booking of two surfaces (grass and all-weather or indoor and outdoor) simultaneously is not permitted. You should only book one surface but may transfer to another surface if courts are available. The surface that you transfer from must be then released.

Checking in for courts

I am receiving a lot of emails from Members who are forgetting to check-in. Please ensure you check-in for your court. If you decide not to play, then the court must be cancelled. There are three ways you can check-in for your court booking when you arrive at the Club.

1 Call (020 8480 4200) or visit Reception and ask them to check in for you

2 Ask the Security Gatehouse Team to check you in.

3 Use GPS check-in. To do this, you will need to be outside main Reception and have your location services turned on in your smartphone settings – instructions can be found here

Summer Camps

Summer Camps will run throughout the summer starting on the 13th July. For more information please see this link to the Tennis and Multi-Activity Summer Camps

Grass courts 20 – 24

Please note to access grass courts 20 to 24 Members need to walk behind the Croquet Pavilion and enter the courts at the side of the Club’s back entrance gate. This is to reduce the traffic with the golfers walking to the 10th tee.

Dan Lott | Racquets Director | dan.lott@roehamptonclub.co.uk