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Online Tennis Hub

I have added the following lessons to the online platform this week:

  • Volley Positioning
  • Backhand Slice
  • Drop Shot
  • Tennis specific footwork drills you can do from home

Please let me know if you would like me to cover any topics in these lessons.

Click here for instructions on logging into the online platform for tennis lessons – it’s the same as the online Fitness Platform

ITF World Tennis Number

The LTA will be introducing the ITF World Tennis Number – a new, inclusive and modern rating system for all players in Britain which will launch in Spring 2021. The LTA has played a leading role working with the ITF and other Grand Slam nations to develop the ITF World Tennis Number, which will support and engage players of all abilities. It is being adopted by national associations around the globe, with Great Britain among the first nations in the world to introduce it.

How will the ITF World Tennis Number work?

✔ The ITF World Tennis Number will operate with one simple scale for all players, regardless of age or gender, from recreational grassroots players to professionals at the top of their game.

✔ For the first time ever, the ratings system will include doubles – with players having a separate Number for both singles and doubles

✔ It will be a much more accurate and dynamic system, calculating set scores and updating each week to provide a ‘real time’ rating that can be trusted and relied upon

✔ It will be easier than ever to find an evenly-matched opponent wherever you are in the country – each player will have a personalised ITF World Tennis Number ‘Game zONe’ to help identify opponents of a similar skill level

✔ The ITF World Tennis Number has no connection to a player’s current LTA rating and will be a completely new rating calculated specifically for you based on match results over the past four years.

The ITF World Tennis Number will replace the LTA’s current ratings system, which was identified as a priority area to improve during the LTA’s Competition Review by coaches, referees, players and parents. Competitions which currently use the LTA Rating for player acceptances will therefore from Spring 2021 use the ITF World Tennis Number.

If you want to read more about it or find out how you can get an ITF World Tennis Number click the following link.

https://www.lta.org.uk/globalassets/competitions/adult-competition/world-tennis-number/lta-itf-wtn-principles- guide-a5.pdf

Tennis Wordsearch

Have a go at the wordsearch below [download here]. How many can you find?

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