Pure Sports Medicine

Pure Sports Medicine believe that your body is your most important investment, so it deserves the best care possible, optimised for you.

It is their mission to provide access to the same model of care received by elite athletes, where you have your very own team of world-class specialists delivering tailored treatment, individual to you, when you need it. They understand that everybody is unique and, therefore, needs to be treated as such, but with the highest standards of care possible, not limited to performance alone.

Now they are bringing their unique model of multidisciplinary care to Roehampton Club and our Members.

Their unique model of multidisciplinary care is based upon the same standards as elite sport, and they are now bringing this to Roehampton Club to continue the excellent service you have enjoyed from the Tulloch Clinic.

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Introducing Shreena Patel


Shreena is a highly skilled and experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist with over 16 years of expertise in her field. With a strong background in both the NHS and sports medicine sector, she has worked for teaching NHS trusts, ski resorts, rugby clubs, and golf clubs. Shreena completed her undergraduate studies in Physiology at Cardiff University and further pursued her passion by obtaining a Physiotherapy degree from Kings College, London.

 Throughout her career, Shreena has gained valuable clinical experience as a First Contact Practitioner in the NHS, allowing her to effectively cater to a diverse range of patients. Her work with tennis players, golfers, and other athletes has fostered a keen interest in rotational lumbo-pelvic mechanics.  During her Sports Medicine Masters her thesis focused on investigating lower back pain within the PGA tour golfer population.

 Continuously expanding her expertise, Shreena has recently delved into the realm of postpartum care, working closely with new mothers to guide them safely in their return to sports. Collaborating with the women’s health specialists at Pure, she ensures that these women receive comprehensive support and guidance.

 With her wealth of knowledge and dedication to providing exceptional care, Shreena is committed to helping individuals overcome musculoskeletal challenges and achieve their optimal physical well-being.

Spotlight on Clemence Cleave – nutritionist


Clémence – or Clem – is an award-winning registered nutritionist specialising in women’s health, weight management, cardio-metabolic health, gut health, behavioural changes, and wellbeing in the workplace.


Her mission is to enable people find their optimal diet based on their specific needs and lifestyle, with a holistic approach to overall wellbeing (physical and mental).


When she is not coaching individuals, she writes books on nutrition such as ’28 Days to Gut Health’ or ’28 Days to Intermittent Fasting’ She also conducts wellbeing workshops and leads weight management group programmes.  Additionally, she is a visiting lecturer at the University of Roehampton in Nutrition and Public Health.


Clem is French and loves food! Her culinary journey began in Paris, where she trained as a chef at the Alain Ducasse cooking school. She then gained experience at L’Escargot in Soho and eventually established her own cookery school. However, her curiosity about the connection between food and health led her to pursue further education in Nutrition science. Clem excelled in her studies, earning an MSc with distinction and the top-student prize. Subsequently, she founded Rocket Fuel Wellbeing, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organisations navigate the often bewildering and sensationalised world of nutrition.


Through her work, she brings clarity and reliable information to the forefront, all delivered with a warm and caring demeanour, ultimately fostering improved health and wellbeing by tailoring her advice to the specific needs of each individual she meets.


Outside of her working hours, you’ll most likely find her kitchen, perfecting her sourdough, experimenting with fermenting foods, or developing delicious ways to cook seasonal vegetables.


Email Clémence at info@clemencecleavenutrition.com

Spotlight on Joel Moses – osteopath


Joel has gained considerable experience working as an Osteopath in private practice and established rackets club in Auckland, New Zealand prior to moving to London.


His clinical interests encompass a wide range of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions such as, low back, headache, jaw, neck, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee related problems.


Joel brings a holistic and hands-on approach to treatment, placing a strong emphasis on self-management strategies and therapeutic exercise rehabilitation, empowering you to take an active role in your recovery.


Whether you are into racket sports, golf, swimming, or just maintaining your overall body health, Osteopathy is a brilliant way to facilitate your recovery and help you sort out those niggles, aches, and pains.


Beyond the clinic, Joel enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring the UK, and travelling throughout Europe. He also enjoys diving into a good book, listening to podcasts, and keeping abreast with the latest developments in clinical research.



Spotlight on Nicola Allen – physiotherapist


Nicola started as a physiotherapist at Roehampton Club clinic in September 2004. At the time she was sharing her time between Roehampton Club  and Cardiff to complete her master’s dissertation, which focused on the hip joint and its movement during a squash stroke.


Incidentally this turned out to be a very appropriate subject for her work at the clinic, helping patients with lower limb injuries recovery from injury.


Nicola enjoys treating most injuries but, as a Pilates instructor as well, she loves to find the muscle imbalances specifically and provide the exercises and tools for her patients to use in order to fully rehabilitate and get back to their pre-injury levels of exercise and ability.


Prior to starting at the Roehampton Club clinic, Nicola had spent two seasons as a physiotherapist at Gloucester Rugby club where she saw many sports and rugby related injuries, and further confirmed her love for rugby.


Outside of physiotherapy she has two sons, Ioan age 12 and Rhys ages 8, both of whom were regulars at the creche before starting school. When she isn’t running around after them, you’ll find Nicola with a crochet hook and yarn in hand, making blankets or decorations for her church.

Interview with co-founder Claire Small


Tell us about you, your background, and why Pure Sports Medicine?


I qualified as a physio in Australia and also completed my Masters degree there. I have been a private practitioner in West London for nearly 30 years (so nearly as long as Inga!). I worked from 1995 – 2003 in a clinic in Fulham before we set up Pure in 2003. Our aim was to provide patients with truly excellent clinical care supported by excellent customer service to deliver a patient experience beyond compare to help them achieve their goals.


Tell us a brief history of PSM.


My co-founder was a former Australian Rugby Union player, Andrew Willett, who worked in banking. He won a sports scholarship to Oxford to do an MBA and one of the requirements of his course was to write a business plan. Coincidentally, Andrew ruptured his Achilles tendon while playing for Oxford and was amazed to find that no sports medicine clinic existed in the UK to provide him with the type of comprehensive treatment he was used to accessing at home. This became the inspiration for the business plan that came to reality as Pure Sports Medicine which has now grown to offer eight clinics across London with a team of more than 150 specialists who are experts in their fields.

What was the inspiration behind Pure Sports Medicine?

We branded ourselves ‘Sports Medicine’ very deliberately. Not because we wanted to see elite athletes, but because we wanted to provide everyone with access to the same expert model that you would find working within the medical team behind elite sporting organisations and individuals – like the team at Man Utd, the English Institute of Sport, or working with Andy Murray or Rory McIlroy. In these teams, the focus is on working together to achieve success for the patient, and that is what we aim for at Pure – working collaboratively as a team to help our patients achieve their goals.

How have things changed over the last 20 years?

When we started, no one knew what a Sports Doctor or a Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) was. Many GPs didn’t even understand the valuable role this group can play in managing injuries, joint pain, back pain, muscle and tendon problems etc. Most of these things don’t need surgery. In a sports team, these sorts of problems would be managed by the sports medicine team typically consisting of an SEM consultant, physio, massage therapist, podiatrist and strength and conditioning coaches, and that’s how we approach things for every patient we see. One other big change has been the use of Ultrasound scanning to assist with diagnosis. Using Ultrasound allows our docs to examine how the muscles, ligaments and tendons look, move and function and, therefore, establish a more accurate diagnosis which ensures an appropriate treatment plan can be implemented.

How has Pure Sports Medicine evolved over that time?

We have grown! When we opened our doors, we were a team of just two clinicians with three rooms at the David Lloyd club in Kensington. Since then, we’ve grown to seven clinics with over 150 staff. The acquisition of the clinic at Roehampton Club now takes us to eight clinics. Along the way, we’ve also added many new services and specialisms including rheumatology and endocrinology consultants, pain medicine specialists, Pilates instructors, and more. One area we are really excited to launch recently is our chronic disease/lifestyle disease service. The evidence for the use of specific, individualised exercise and nutritional management to treat many diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease and lifestyle changes, like menopause, is overwhelming, but people don’t know who to see for this support. We have a team of expert clinical exercise physiologists, physios and nutritionists who are specifically trained in managing people with these conditions.

What does multidisciplinary care mean and why is it important?

Multidisciplinary care means several sets of eyes on the same problem – everyone discussing the patient’s problem and their goals and working out how best to help them collectively. It means leaving the egos and professional competitiveness at the door and focusing on what matters – the patient! It’s important because no one knows everything. Some people think that one person with multiple skills is an expert, but often they are a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’. What you need to achieve great patient outcomes is a team of people with different knowledge, skills and experience all working together. It’s why elite sporting organisations use the same model – it simply gets the best results!

What will Pure Sports Medicine be looking to bring to Roehampton Club and what does this mean for its Members?

Inga Tulloch and her team have provided wonderful care to Roehampton Club Members for nearly 30 years. We want to continue that great care and build on it by adding other members of our multidisciplinary team to the mix – such as our SEM consultants, Ultrasound scanning, osteopaths and specialist coaches. We also plan to develop the infrastructure by moving to computerised note-keeping and online booking, as well as undertake a refurbishment of the clinic to create a rehab space for focused, clinical exercise.

What are the immediate priorities for the clinic at Roehampton Club?

The most important thing is for us to get to know the Members and staff of Roehampton Club, and to learn how we can help Members get more benefits from their membership. We want to work closely with the gym team, the tennis coaches and golf pros to help members deal with any niggles or injuries that are stopping them playing or preventing them from performing at their best. We also want to add value by delivering educational sessions to help members understand how pain and injuries can occur and what they can do about it while providing a clinic that delivers the highest quality of service at times that suit Members.

What is the long-term plan for the clinic?

We want Pure Sports Medicine, Roehampton to be an integral part of the Pure organisation and functioning as part of a high-performance group. We want it to be a clinic where high calibre clinicians and admin staff aspire to work and where Members are so satisfied with the care they receive that they feel compelled to share this with others. The long-term plan is the same as the plan was on day one of Pure opening – recruit and develop great staff to deliver great care for individuals.

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