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Mediterranean Open Tournament Results


Recently four Roehampton Club Members travelled to sunny, freezing Alicante for the Mediterranean Open. Charlotte Bowen-Rayner, Frances Bowen-Rayner, Alan Flitcroft and Carolyn Laville all played in the Open 55+ event and had great success!


In Women’s Doubles, Carolyn (and her partner Claire) and Charlotte and Frances (playing together) played extremely well all morning to qualify for the medal matches. Carolyn and Claire, pipped Charlotte and Frances in the Bronze Medal match, in three sets to move onto the Gold Medal Match, which resulted in Frances and Charlotte earning a well deserved bronze medal!


In the final, Carolyn and Claire played amazingly well in the wind to win two sets to one and become Women’s Doubles 55+ Champions!


On the Sunday, it was Mixed Doubles day. Alan Flitcroft was playing with Frances, Charlotte was playing with a Swiss player, Tom, and Carolyn was playing with a Spanish player, Gustavo.

On the Sunday, it was Mixed Doubles day. Alan Flitcroft was playing with Frances, Charlotte was playing with a Swiss player, Tom, and Carolyn was playing with a Spanish player, Gustavo.


Following a high quality group, Frances and Alan played Charlotte and Tom in the semifinals, with Charlotte and Tom winning to move to the final.


Alan and Frances then won a comfortable bronze medal match to secure the medal. Charlotte and Tom played a very strong team in the final, but silver was still a phenomenal result.

In the Pro Category, both Louis and Freddie were competing in all three disciplines. They faced off in the Men’s Singles Final, which was an extremely high quality final where, in the end, Louis managed to overcome Freddie 2-1 (11-9 9-11 11-2).


In Men’s Doubles they played together and cruised to gold without conceding a set all day.


In Mixed Doubles, they faced off against each other again, in the semifinals. Freddie and his partner Millie, were extremely strong and beat Louis and his partner Hermione. Louis and Hermione won the bronze medal, with Freddie and Millie winning silver.


A hugely successful weekend in all with Roehampton Club taking home four gold medals, four silver medals and five bronze medals!


Should you wish to play a pickleball tournament, please keep your eyes peeled on the Roehampton Club Pickleball WhatsApp, get in touch with Louis or see below regarding future tournaments and events.

Club Championships

We will be looking to host the first pickleball Club Championships this summer. The dates will be in early June. Once full details are confirmed we will inform all Members.

Future Sessions

Click here to sign up for pickleball sessions  

Pickleball sessions are continuing on Court 1 at the following times on Thursdays and Fridays:


Date Ladies morning 09.00 – 10.30 (beginners) Ladies morning 10.30 – 12.00 Free pickleball coaching 14.00 – 15.00 (beginners) Club night 18.00 – 19.30 Friday roll up 09.00 – 11.00 (one day later than shown)
4th April Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
11th April Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes****
18th April NO NO NO NO NO
25th April Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


*** Neither Louis or Freddie will be there so players will simply rotate. Winners stay on and split, losers come off and split and rotate courts – true roll up style!

Pickleball festival / clinic / tournaments

Click here for the Premier Pickleball League (Pro Clinics and Festival) – Sunday 28th April

Click here for the Paris Open (Tournament) – 24th – 26th May

Click here for the Reballution Cup (Tournament) – Spain – 30th May – 2nd June

Click here for the English Open (Tournament) – Telford – 8th – 13th August

If anyone has any questions regarding the festival, clinic or tournaments before signing up please ask Louis!

Weekly Sessions

Ladies Morning 09:00-10:30

A Ladies morning for all. There will be a mix of social and competitive matches. This session also has the opportunity to bring new players into the game where they can learn rules and how to play on a separate court allowing regular players to continue enjoying games.

Ladies Morning 10:30-12:00

A Ladies Morning open to those who have played regularly and are more intermediate players. This aims to be a more competitive Ladies Morning where all players must know how to play and score. If players are able to but are newer to the game, Louis has the right to ask players to play in the earlier ladies morning.

Pickleball Afternoon 14:00-15:00

A sociable and introductory session for new / beginner / social players. This session will mix between learning the rules and how to play, with the hope players can develop and move into Ladies Morning or Club Night in the future. Or for those who enjoy playing in the afternoon!

Pickleball Club Night 18:00-19:30

This session is for players of intermediate or higher standard. Louis reserves the right to ask players to attend another session should their level not currently be high enough.

Friday Roll Up 09:00-11:00

A session for all players who know how to score and play. No pre-set matches. Louis will send out a poll early in the week to gauge weekly interest. On the morning players will mix around and Louis will look to put matches together which are enjoyable and competitive.

Roehampton Picklers WhatsApp Group

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◊ Finding players to play with
◊ Coaching information and tips

For the link to join the WhatsApp group email Louis Laville, Golf and Games Manager – louis.laville@roehamptonclub.co.uk