PhotoClub Online – Charles Carne

PhotoClub online project

The PhotoClub would like to:

– keep Members connected during these uncertain times
– build on the strength of our members and give everyone a creative outlet through photography
– keep creativity going and channel it into something constructive and positive

… and so, we have created a free PhotoClub Online Project

We will use the existing PhotoClub Gallery website at and set themed challenges that everyone can participate with.

Everyone can submit their photos, up to two images per person – see guidelines and instructions on how to do that.

The image files must not be more than 2MB in size as Alan Paton is compiling the new website gallery on his laptop in Australia where he is currently stranded!

The first theme is isolation as we find ourselves with a great opportunity to explore just that.

Take a picture on your camera, Smart Phone or tablet and email it to Charles Carne, by the end of April, at and we will do the rest …

We look forward to your participation in this!

PhotoClub – Richard Le Vesconte, PhotoClub Chairman

Wondering how fill your time while locked down at home? Despite the problems we face at the moment, one way to defeat boredom is to take stock of your photography and perhaps consider the following:

Delve into those folders of photos that you have thought about reviewing and editing for ages but not got around to doing so. Sort the keepers and delete those that are maybe not sharp, not particularly well composed or, frankly, not interesting.

Take a camera with you on your once-a-day exercise routine and take a least one photo a day to practice techniques, different settings and really make sure you understand the facilities of your camera.

Set yourself an in-house photography project. Maybe a detail in the house, a favourite object or a lighting situation, be it natural or artificial. This could be a chance to again try different settings and practice using flash, built in or off camera.

Participate in the ‘free PhotoClub Online Project’ set up by Charles Carne – see above.