Message from the 1st Tee

Impact, the moment of truth – spot the difference

 Master Verbeek, Roehampton Cadet, aged 14 versus Justin Thomas, World Number Three

Great position shown from Roehampton Club Junior William Verbeek, who took part in our recent Cadets event …

This picture taken on the left shows him absolutely striping one 250 yards down the second fairway. On the right of William is Justin Thomas who is my bet for the US Masters next month (I’m a terrible pundit, so please don’t gamble much of your money on my predictions!). It is very hard to find any differences between their respective impact positions. 


Starting from the ground up – where every power swing starts from – both have very active footwork which is fundamental for club head speed. Their right foot is powering forward whilst their left foot is lifting from the toe, pushing up the leg and towards their rear; again, a fundamental for using the ground to create force in the swing. Right knees pushing in towards the left knee as the left leg pushes up straight. 

What this lower body excellence creates is the release of the left arm lever and the club shaft aligning to that. Everything at impact relates to having the shaft vertical with the driver and the left arm fully extended as this creates the longest, widest lever we can create. The true power lever in the swing is measured from the left shoulder to the club head and in these pictures, the left shoulder is higher than the right one and the club extended down from there. Pure optimal leverage. Also, look how much head tilt they both have; unavoidable when the body is so active and the levers optimising. Well done William and who knows, one day you may be wearing a very special green jacket.

I often take photos of the impact of all my charges to show them what the most important frame of a swing looks like. Check yours out with me to see if you can improve it and create more distance – 079744 03289 or


Cadets event last Sunday

 Well done to all the Cadets who braved a fair bit of wind and rain last Sunday to play together in our Cadets on-course coaching event. On the course each of the handicap holders had on a downhill chipping challenge, which was won overall by John Macmillan who chipped straight in the hole, albeit with the ball travelling at speed and saved by rattling into the flag stick! Well done John. 

Longest drive was won with a monster drive by Monica Alcover off the red tees down the 8th hole.

Nearest the pin was won by William “Radar” Verbeek on the 135 yard 7th hole. 

All in all, we had a good day of learning and social play together and I spent a hole and a half with each group whereby we discussed course strategy, safety play, alignment on the tee, swing speed, club selection and self-management. 

Some swing images below. 

Well done Cadets.

Please email me to join our Cadets WhatsApp group – – Cadets are mostly handicap holders or children working towards attaining a handicap ability. Age is no barrier and we want to grow the social and competitive element for this ability range. If your child is ready for a handicap or is holding one already and you want them to join in, let me know.


Enjoy your golf.

Richard Harrison | Head Golf Professional |