Membership Types

Membership categories mainly fall into golf and / or tennis and either of those permits Members to use the Health Club – gym and swimming pools etc. and the other games and facilities available at the Club.

The main thing to consider is whether or not you would like to include golf in your membership category. We don’t currently offer a ‘family’ membership as members join in their own right and Junior Members should have a parent or guardian who is a Member.

Restricted Full

All sports and activities Monday to Sunday, excluding golf at weekends

Full Playing

All sports and activities available Monday to Sunday

An active golf handicap determines eligibility to be a Full Playing Member with Weekend Golf Playing Rights. To play golf at any time during the weekend, men are required to have a handicap of 26 and below and ladies 36.9 and below.
Men with a handicap of 22.4-26.1 and ladies with a handicap of 33.2-36.9 may play at any time Monday to Friday, but have limited playing rights at the weekend – after 2pm April to October and after 1pm from November to March. The Golf Professionals at the Club will be happy to help you reach the required handicap for Full Playing membership.


All sports and activities Monday to Sunday, excluding golf at any time

Five Day

All sports Monday to Friday only

Intermediate 18-25

Membership for those aged 18-25 years old
This category entitles use of all the facilities seven days with the exception of golf at weekends. Weekend Golf Playing Rights may be added upon completion of the Golf Induction with a Golf Pro, the required handicap for weekend play and the purchase on request of Weekend Playing Rights.

Junior 5-17 years

Junior Members aged 17 years and under should have parents or guardians who are Members of Roehampton Club. Juniors may play the majority of sports Monday to Sunday but there are some age and playing restrictions. For example, in order to play golf at weekends and hold a Junior Weekend Golf Pass, they must achieve the required playing ability.

Toddler Guest Pass

Toddlers aged 0-4 years, are the children of Roehampton Club Members and may hold a Toddler Pass. The January following their 5th birthday, they become eligible for Junior membership.