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Breast Cancer Awareness Week

After an appeal through Surrey Golf, the Ladies and the Men have embraced the chance to raise some money for Breast Cancer by running a putting competition during two stableford events. We would encourage everyone to wear pink on the day.

27th October Ladies stableford 31 October Club Stableford All proceeds to go to the charity.

£5 entry to try the 25ft putting challenge £5 entry to try the 25ft putting challenge. Please bring cash on the day.

The Eclectic Competition

This finished with the winner emerging as Claire Martin with a net 46. She will receive a £10 voucher on her Sports Shop account. Special mention should go to Jane Peel for achieving 13 birdies. I hope you all enjoyed a little challenge when playing.

4BBB 9 hole Knock Out

This slightly bizarre competition set up with great enthusiasm by Caroline Dewar and Jenny Carter just after lock down when we could only play 9 holes has reached its conclusion with some amazing golf played by both sides.

Main Comp

Winners Susan Major and Fiona Hockless
Runners-up Jane Peel and Cathy Staveley Plate Comp

Winners Anna Rowland-Clark and Caro Pack
Runners-up Lou Wills and Rachel Gilman.

Well done everyone your vouchers will be put onto your Sports Shop accounts.

4BBB AGM competition

I hope you all enjoyed a bit of mixing up, and well done to:

1st – Astrid Woloszczuk and Aisling Wilson – 46 Points

2nd – Inga Kempton and Caroline Nettel – 41 Points

3rd – Shirley Keane and Sue Lefroy – 40 Points

With the World Handicap System (WHS) rapidly approaching, I am going to crib a paragraph from Ricky Pharo’s report to the Golf Committee about his New Lady Golfer clinics which I think will give some of our Members encouragement to join his six-week courses.

New Lady Golfers

We continue with our six-week course for our new lady golfer. After each session they receive a ‘crib sheet’ which illustrates the skills, etiquette and Rules they have learnt in their session. Our final week we aim to play 2/3 holes and put together all the elements they have learnt over the previous five weeks. The common barrier is having the confidence to play the golf course. From the clinics new friendships have formed and some of the ladies have got together to play 9 holes themselves which is great.

There is another six-week course starting in November please talk to the Sports Shop if you are interested. We have over 60 ladies trying to gain handicaps and these courses together with the NLG section run by Charlotta and Caroline Dewar are valuable tools during this process. Without these enthusiastic new members we can easily become stultified so it is up to the established players to be understanding and welcoming. It is a great game and many friendships are forged playing it.

I am also going to share with you Jane Peel’s report on the Derry Cup. This is a scratch competition of three singles matches home and away comprising essentially our lowest handicap players, only one of whom can be in category one (handicap of 5 and under). While we have a large section we have a surprisingly small number of single figure handicap players but they put themselves out in the worst months of the year, every year to represent our Club. It is something we can all admire and aspire to and they are playing in the final yet again this Sunday at the RAC v Royal Wimbledon.

Derry Cup report

We started our campaign on October 6th 2019 v Dulwich, many thanks to Heather Webber who stepped in at the last minute for that match and had a great 3/2 win.

The other two teams in our round robin stage were Hankley and Hindhead. We beat Hindhead easily 3/0 home and away but the match v Hankley was much closer, we lost 2/1 away and won 2/1 at home but managed to win on points thanks to 2 big wins by Jo and Lorna.

Into the knockout stage, we played v Woodcote park in the quarters and lost 2/1 away and won 3/0 at home.

There has been a big gap between the two matches in the semi’s because of COVID-19. We played Croham Hurst away on 8/3/20 and won2/1 and played at home on 10/9/20 and won 3/0!

We had a secret weapon for the home match because Sammy Fuller was able to play for us, it was great to have her in the team.

So that brings us to the final which is against our old enemy Royal Wimbledon. We are playing on October 18th at RAC and the team will be Sammy, Jo and Lorna. We wish them luck and good golf. Many thanks to Trish B, Angela and Mary B who will be caddying for them on the day.

We do love playing in the Derry Cup and find it is a great way to keep our golf competitive throughout the winter months.

My job as Captain is made easy by the commitment of my team and in particular Jo and Lorna. This year our team has consisted of Jo (9) Lorna (9) Jane (9) Aude (3) Sammy (2) Heather (1). Brackets show number of times played.

I have heard that someone, who shall be nameless and may I say blameless, has managed to kill a squirrel with her golf ball. I think she should be congratulated one, for getting rid of a pest and two, for her amazing accuracy!

Now winter is here, please always carry a pitch repairer and use it regardless of whether you make a mark on the greens or not.

Finally, a note on etiquette – please display your bag tag at all times.

If you cannot make your tee time please inform your playing partners. If you find on the day that you are unable to play your must inform the Club. Players not making their tee time without prior notice for a sign up competition may receive sanctions from the Committee. This will mean a letter from the Captain warning that if the infraction happens again you will receive a playing sanction.


Angela Atkins | Ladies’ Golf Captain