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Virtual fitness class timetable w/c 1st June

The virtual fitness class timetable for w/c 1st June remains unchanged from the previous week

Amelia Louis has kindly recorded a new Zumba workout video which can be found here on our YouTube channel.

Bike Week

Next week is Bike Week and with such lovely weather and limited ways to work on our cardio at the moment why not take advantage of this 7-day challenge:

Lower back pain

In these uncertain times problems such as back pain can be ever prevalent, with less movement, a different work set up etc. but there are a few ways you can help ease the pain.

♥ Avoid bed rest – only rest and ice for a few days while acute pain persists
♥ Keep moving – exercising within your limits is key. Exercises like walking encourages the body to be in a neutral, upright position and so strengthens muscles that support the spine. Walking can also increase blood flow to spinal muscles and help flush out toxins Maintain good posture – think about your posture in your general day-to-day activities. Particularly your set up if you are now working from home.
♥ Strengthen your core – most people with chronic back pain would benefit from a stronger core so if you’ve had the okay to do so by your doctor then why not give some of our online virtual Pilates classes a go
♥ Improve your flexibility – stretching can help ease tension and tightness which can then put extra pressure on your lower back.
♥ Sleep the right way – back sleepers could be helped by a popping a pillow under their knees and side sleeper should put a pillow in between their knees, you should try to avoid tummy sleeping as this puts a lot of pressure into the neck.

If you would like any further advice on classes or exercises to suit you please email me –

Emily Hurse | Gym and Studios Manager