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Complimentary Fitness Programmes

Please remember you are eligible for a complimentary fitness programme every three months. This will include looking over any new injuries or health problems and going through a tailored exercise programme to suit you.

In these uncertain and challenging times, it is more important than ever to stay fit and look after your mental and physical wellbeing. If you do not feel you are ready to come into the gym just yet, don’t worry your gym team is still her to help! We can offer you a programme or personal training session outside, at the club, or virtually so you can still get the benefits of a new exercise regime.

Click here to find the Gym Team’s trainer profiles and email them directly for more information or to get booked in for one of these sessions.

Alternatively, if unsure on which trainer would be best suited to you then please email with a few details about injuries, health conditions and current activity levels so I can point you in the right direction.

Fitness class time changes coming up

Roy is on annual leave, Sunday 27th therefore HIIT and Core will not be taking place. Please login to a virtual class instead. Click here for updates to fitness programme w/c 21st September

Emily Hurse | Gym and Studios Manager

Bosu Ball Training

Bosu training goes far beyond balance training. Using the Bosu correctly with one of our trainers will help you understand the science behind Neuromotor training then apply it to practical programming that is purposeful and fun. Experience new methods to enhance movement technique and create exciting workouts for you.

Improve your skiing, golf and tennis. Also great for rehabilitation form injury.

Whole body workouts that can be integrated into your training programmes for all levels of fitness and ages. And watch how you amplify your training results.

For more information email Personal Trainer Donovan Augustus