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Move Well and Train Smart

Upgrade your training or sport support performance

During my time at Roehampton Club I have assisted Members working towards a variety of fitness goals whether sport related or improving general health. As a Graduate Sport Rehabilitator and Personal Trainer, one constant message I convey throughout any training plan, is the importance of keeping your joints healthy.

Without adequate range of motion at the joint, how can we expect to load the structures around it effectively without compensation elsewhere?’

Throughout my clinical practice and during my own training journey, I have experienced first-hand the benefits of a regular mobility routine on improved overall health and wellbeing. My body feels great and my performance in the training room has improved … it’s never too late to start!

Build your foundations: Joint range can become compromised due to injury, post-operation or certain health conditions which may result in reduced joint movements. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to experience symptoms such as tight muscles around the joint or even stiffness of the joint capsule when returning to activity following some time out.

Use it or lose it: Mobility exercises include controlled fluid range of motion at each joint which is pain free and should be performed mindfully and slowly by focusing on activating the muscles around the joint to perform the required movement. If you experience pain, then seek advice from a medical health practitioner.

Train Smart: Regardless of your training experience, it is important to include exercises that improve or maintain healthy joint function to enable effective progressive loading and strength adaptations. Doing so, will enhance muscle activation during your training session by using authentic ranges of motion which will target more muscle fibres throughout the movement.

Some example exercises might include:


♥ Cat/Cow (seated or kneeling) – focus on each spinal segment moving throughout the exercise
♥ Seated Rotation – arms crossed over the body.
♥ Lateral Flexion (seated or standing) – rest hand of working side on top of head to encourage length.


♥ Hip Rotations (standing or kneeling) – Using the muscles around the hip / glutes to perform the motion rather than momentum or mindlessly swinging the leg.


♥  Shoulder Rolls – focus on each position, elevation, retraction, depression, protraction


♥ Rotations / Toe point up and Down – use the muscles in the lower leg to produce the movement. Usually done better seated with the calf resting on a roller or cushion to reduce the possibility of movement coming from the hip or knee.

Remember to train smart and move well – healthy joints matter!

Sarah O’Driscoll – BSc (Hons) Sport Rehabilitation | Gym Team Leader and Personal Trainer |

Please contact one of the fitness team if you require assistance

Welcome back – gym and studio fitness classes

The gym is open from 6.30am–8pm Monday to Friday and 7.30am–8pm on Saturdays and Sundays – times will be regularly reviewed. Bookings are currently available up to 3-days in advance from 6.30am. Sessions can be booked online via the ‘book studio and pool classes’ link on the Members’ website or by calling Reception on 020 8480 4200.

Please read these important guidelines to help you plan and book your next visit: click here for GYM guidelines and booking information

We will offer a reduced studio timetable to begin with as well as increasing the number of outdoor bootcamp classes running alongside the popular virtual timetable which will continue long term. Please click here to see the timetables.

Initially, Studio numbers will be heavily reduced due to social distancing guidelines. The studio timetable will be reviewed regularly to meet Member needs and usage.

Please read these important guidelines to help you plan and book your next visit: click here for STUDIO CLASSES guidelines and booking information

Changes to Bootcamp Classes

Our outdoor, socially distanced, Bootcamp classes are for up to five participants. These weather-dependent classes are taught by Tanysha of our gym team and should be booked online via the Members’ website or via Reception on 020 8480 4200 – 24 hours in advance.

Description: a high energy class based around military moves. Including an intense mix of aerobic, strength and speed training. Using bursts of intense activity designed to be challenging and varied, with no equipment.

There have been a few updates to the Bootcamp Timetable click here to find the Bootcamp timetable

Due to the nature of these classes, our unpredictable weather and for reasons of health and safety, we will not run any other type of classes outside for the time being.

Fitness Trainers

All of your Fitness Trainers are now back in the gym and looking forward to seeing you soon. If you would like to book a new programme or personal training session, inside or outside, please email the trainer directly or me if you have any queries on the best trainer for you.

Emily Hurse | Gym and Studio Manager |