Croquet Communique

Croquet AGM

The Croquet Annual General Meeting took place on Thursday 16th November. The event was well attended and after reports from the Chair and Captain there were welcome and constructive questions from the floor. The minutes will be available on the Club website shortly.

Winter Operation


With the onset of frosty weather coupled with the ‘shadow’ from the temporary tennis bubble the Grounds staff will deploy the lawn covers on Lawns 2 and 3 early in the afternoon when frost is expected.


This will cause disruption to afternoon availability but is the way we can make lawns available in the mornings. The situation will be reviewed regularly.

Rainbow Competition

Members are encouraged to join in the Rainbow winter competition. It is an ideal way to enjoy some competitive croquet. It is only one game, and a way of ensuring that you have enough games recorded on your Handicap Card, thus allowing you to enter next year’s summer competitions. (You need to have played at least three competitive singles games in the season April to end March).

Booking System

Please remember to record the names of all players in the first box when making a booking.

One Ball

Members are reminded that we have a One Ball Roll-Up on Monday afternoons. For those who don’t know, One Ball is a cross between AC and GC, and is quick and fun. All handicapped players are welcome.

Enjoy your Croquet!

Mike Pattison, Croquet Captain