Application Process

All applicants should complete an adult application form or junior application form and return it to the Membership Office with their supporting paperwork and non-refundable registration fees – £100 per adult.

Applicants with a Proposer and Seconder who are current Members of the Club

Adult application forms should be signed by a Proposer and Seconder who are Members of the Club, personal friends of the candidate and who will provide letters or emails supporting the candidate’s application.

Applicants without a Proposer and Seconder

Applicants without a Proposer and Seconder should complete an application form and in the absence of Members proposing and seconding the application, the completed form must be accompanied by the candidate’s CV, a copy of their ID, two professional references and, if applicable, confirmation of past/present membership of any other sports clubs.

Prospective Members’ Meeting

Once all the required paperwork is received, applicants will be invited to a Prospective Members’ Meeting, held once a month on a Sunday (10-11am) morning to meet the Chief Executive, a Director, the Marketing and Membership Manager and other Prospective Members.

Waiting List

Prospective Members are added to the Waiting List at the date of the Board Meeting following the Prospective Members’ Meeting they attended and membership is offered in chronological order. There is an intake of new Members each January and the number of resignations received at the end of each year determines the number of vacancies available for the following year. A second annual intake in the summer months offers a limited number of memberships in June to start on 1st July. There is a separate waiting list for Junior memberships but where possible we will offer memberships for all members of the family at the same time. The current waiting list time is around three years.

Contact Helen Bolt, Membership and Marketing Manager on 020 8480 4214 or email with any queries and to confirm the current waiting list time.