Virtual Talk on the History of Backgammon with Chris Bray

Wednesday 10th March, 6.30pm – free event

Chris and Gill Bray run the backgammon section here at the Club. Chris is The Times backgammon columnist and is a UK international. He is currently ranked #4 in the UK.

Chris will tell the story of backgammon, from its earliest beginnings in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago, through to the modern day. Along that journey he will cover:

◊ The origin of dice
◊ Backgammon in history, art and literature
◊ The emergence of the doubling cube in the Roaring Twenties
◊ Celebrity players and high rollers
◊ The giants of the game
◊ What really happened to Lord Lucan?
◊ The modern computer era
◊ Game of skill or luck?
◊ Where to play?

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