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There is a phobia for nearly everything. Indeed, the fear of everything is called PANOPHOBIA

Some people are due to have a bad day on Friday 13th November 2020 as they have PARASKAVEDEKATRIAPHOBIA.

If you thought that Coronavirus was bad enough just think how difficult it would be to cross a bridge if you suffered from GEPHYROPHOBIA or a street – DROMOPHOBIA.

Even going to bed would prove impossible if you had CLINOPHOBIA

It would be even worse if you had DISHABILLOPHOBIA and were afraid of getting undressed.

You would have to live outside if you had ECOPHOBIA and would refuse to get in an ambulance if NOSOCOMEPHOBIA was your particular problem as you would be averse to hospitals.

But eating would be OK wouldn’t it?  Not if you suffered from MAGEIROCOPHOBIA and were unable to cook.

Get a cat if you have CYNOPHOBIA and do not like dogs.

How about a spot of sunbathing?  That’s impossible if you have PHENGOPHOBIA.

Here’s a dilemma – if you do not like being alone – ISOLOPHOBIA –  but do not like crowds – ENOCHLOPHOBIA – what to do?

Get on your bike – not possible due to CYCLOPHOBIA.  Take a drive – unlikely if you have AMAXOPHOBIA and are frightened of getting in a car.

There is only one thing for it – a nice cup of tea. Darn it – I have got STEAMOPHOBIA.

Relax – I made that one up. So, go ahead. It normally works wonders.

Duncan Christie-Miller | All rights reserved | April 2020