Swimming Report


Swim Adult Event 

The adult swim challenge of the term consisted in one Individual Medley, where participants had to swim Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Front Crawl consecutively, and one Group Relay Medley Race (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Front Crawl), where each group would decide the strokes, they would swim in the group relay. 

The individual Medley was divided by swim ability, where was given the option to compete on a Freestyle Individual Medley where the participant had to swim Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Front Crawl. The categories were divided by Male and Female and the results are below. 

Congratulations to every participant who put effort on every race, excelling their performances. 

Freestyle Ind. Medley
Female 1st Vanessa Classen 02:04:25
2nd Susie Abbott 02:08:50
Male 1st Robert Swift  01:54:18
2nd Chris Rachlin  02:25:53
Full Individual Medley
Female 1st Lucy Williams 01:36:13
2nd Marta Ohler  01:38:00
Male 1st Derk Ohler 01:27:06
2nd George Pyper  01:28:53
3rd Miguel Perry  01:30:27
4th Nick Ellis  01:39:05
Group Relay Medley Race Results 
1st – Eagle 01:24:08
2nd – Omega 01:26:02
3rd – Alpha 01:27:06
4th – Delta 01:29:37
Eagle Omega Delta  Alpha
Derk Ohler Miguel Perry Marta Junior  Marta Ohler
Vanessa Classen Nick Ellis George Pyper Lucy Williams 
Robert Swift Susie Abbott William Heller Chris Rachlin


Squad November Monthly Challenge

The second monthly challenge of the Autumn Term 2019 was also an Individual Medley – a 100m where the pupils had to swim Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Front Crawl consecutively.  The challenge occurred on the week commencing on Monday 10th – 15th November and the average of the best Squad would win the competition. Congratulations to every pupil that took part in the Monthly Challenge and the winner is the Friday Squad taught by Anita Bartholomew. 

The team players that won this competition are: 

– Nicolas Madath 

– Anna Sykes

November Monthly Challenge
Friday Squad 02:03:00
Wednesday Squad 02:06:00
Tuesday Squad 02:06:08
Monday Squad 02:15:23


Swim Gala Results 

On Sunday 24th November we had our third Swim Gala of the year with the participation of 15 children and 12 families for the family relay race competition. This was an event where our young swimmers experienced competitive swimming in the Club. During the Junior Swim Gala our youngest swimmers from beginners/improvers and squads swam one length race in each of the four strokes (Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly) in a fun, friendly yet competitive environment.  Swimmers were ranked by age where the times of all strokes add up to a final classification. Congratulations to every participant for their performances, below are the results: 

7 to 8 years old – Improvers

Name Front crawl  Backstroke Breaststroke  Total
1st Emma Ohler  0:25:47 0:28:31 0:31:28 1:25:46
2nd Monty Miller  0:32:06 0:30:43 0:35:02 1:37:51
3rd Leo Whitehead 0:31:18 0:31:37 0:36:06 1:39:01


7 to 8 years old – Advanced

Name Front Crawl  Backstroke Breaststroke  Total
1st Cosima Ohler  0:19:37 0:24:08 0:28:02 1:11:47
2nd Nicolas Madath  0:18:31 0:25:09 0:31:00 1:14:40
3rd Tatijana Dupont-Liot  0:24:02 0:26:56 0:37:37 1:28:35


9 to 10 years old

Name Front crawl  Backstroke Breaststroke  Total
1st Marta Ohler  0:17:43 0:19:31 0:23:02 1:00:16
2nd Samuel Bristow  0:22:47 0:30:18 0:28:12 1:21:17
3rd Jacob Barnes  0:23:56 0:27:50 0:30:21 1:22:07
4th William Burns  0:21:33 0:24:02 0:36:56 1:22:31
5th Camilla Rowe  0:23:00 0:33:02 0:32:40 1:28:42


13 to 15 years old 

Name Front crawl  Backstroke Breaststroke  Butterfly  Total
1st Caroline Burns  0:16:02 0:18:37 0:22:00 0:18:37 1:15:16
2nd Mathew Barnes  0:16:06 0:19:12 0:22:15 0:20:50 1:18:23
3rd Jemima Bristow  0:18:06 0:20:27 0:22:56 0:22:37 1:24:06
4th Isobel Parry-Jones 0:20:02 0:26:37 0:34:18 0:23:00 1:43:57


Family Relay Race 

The family competition was a relay race between the relative and the child, where one of them had to swim Front Crawl, Back Stroke and Breaststroke.

Adult Child Front crawl  Backstroke Breaststroke  Total
1st Miguel Perry  Jemima Bristow 0:32:12 0:41:25 0:42:18 1:55:55
2nd Carlos Ohler Marta Ohler 0:32:41 0:39:12 0:44:19 1:56:12
3rd Michael Burns  Caroline Burns  0:35:15 0:47:21 0:48:12 2:10:48
4th Derk Ohler Nicolas Madath 00:34:56 00:46:06 0.0371875 2:14:35
5th Marta Ohler Cosima Ohler 0:38:06 0:50:12 0:49:28 2:17:46
6th Derk Ohler Emma Ohler 0:35:56 0:51:08 0:51:31 2:18:35
7th Patrick Dupont-Liot Tatijana Dupont-Liot 0:37:56 0:45:24 1:00:24 2:23:44
8th Georgina Bristow Samuel Bristow 0:42:12 0:53:56 0:50:06 2:26:14
9th Joanna Rowe Camilla Rowe 0:40:43 0:51:06 1:00:43 2:32:32
10th Miguel Perry  Monty Miller 0:48:56 0:52:08 0:56:37 2:37:41
11th Michael Burns  William Burns  0:49:27 0:51:31 1:02:15 2:43:13
12th Daniel Whitehead Leo Whitehead 0:46:27 0:55:43 1:01:12 2:43:22

This was a fantastic year for our swimmers, great improvements through our programme and a lot of opportunities for them to test themselves. We will keep delivering one Swim Gala per term and promoting the family competition as well. 


Ana Leal | Junior Activities and Swim Coordinator | ana.leal@roehamptonclub.co.uk