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Squash Scene – Paul Lindsay, Head Squash Pro

Squash and keeping fit

While we may not be able to play squash at the moment please fine below a YouTube link of my favourite squash player, Ramy Ashour. You can see that this is how it should be done!

You will see a lot of similarities with my game and I thought you may enjoy watching five of his best rallies. Warning – you could be mentally tired after the first rally! https://youtu.be/wA2JNyfKCck


Looking forward to playing padel tennis at the Club sometime in the future, this might help with your serve when we get there https://youtu.be/YSCbbCYfc9Y

Keeping fit

I have found it important this week to continue to keep fit and find some form of regular home exercise … like a lot of the nation I highly recommend the daily, live Joe Wicks workout on YouTube – it is for everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEWcBIvqjDk

How about watching this classic match between Nick Matthew and James Willstrop from 2010 … it might take you a couple of days! https://youtu.be/HtwckCfSIHU

Things to look for while watching:.

♦ How, when and why do they vary the heights and paces of their shots?

♦ Do they always go back to the same position on the ‘T’ after every shot, or does it change depending on the shot they have hit and the stage of the match?

♦ Maybe write down your answers and jot down anything else you notice …

Take care, stay well and get in touch if there’s anything you need from me paul.lindsay@roehamptonclub.co.uk