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Trade in your old golf equipment – A brand new event

Tuesday 3rd November, 9am to 2pm

Forget about the hassle of selling your old golf equipment on auction sites and marketplaces. On Tuesday 3rd November we will give you a convenient opportunity to empty your locker, your garage, or the cupboards that you store your old golf equipment in and convert them into cash.

How it works…

  • Bring your golf preowned equipment for instant valuation from the guys at Golf Clubs 4 Cash.
  • Once accepted receive the credit in your Sports Shop account immediately.
  • You can use your credit against anything in our store on the day or in future. 

What we accept…

  • Used Golf Bags
  • Used Golf Clubs

As many makes or models as possible will be accepted, however there are some items that we cannot make offers on due to the brand, age, or condition. Drop in on the day and make sure and take advantage of this excellent one-off opportunity.

Please contact the shop in advance if you have any questions about this event please contact the Sports Shop and we would be happy to assist.

New Lady Golfer Clinics

In September we had 24 lady golfers join us for the six-week coaching programme and it has been fantastic to see so many ladies improve while getting more enjoyment out of the game.

We recognise that the golf course can be a very intimidating prospect if you are reasonably new to the game. We want to take the intimidation away by improving your golf and confidence and introducing you to all aspects of the game.

Who are these for?

  • Those who are completely new to golf and want to learn in a more cost-effective way.
  • Those that may have played on and off for years or an occasional golfer and want to play
    more regularly.
  • Those that want to gain a handicap or may have a new handicap and want to get better.
  • Those that want to get more confidence to enjoy their golf and meet like minded ladies. 

Join us each week for one hour with our professionals as we cover all aspects of the game to improve your technique along with relevant rules and etiquette. You will receive an email summary after each session to cover all points to keep as a reference to help your learning.


We shall also provide access to the golf course as we schedule roll ups for you to experience the golf course at quieter times when ready to do so. We will integrate you with the lady members to provide you an easier pathway to enjoying your golf at Roehampton Club.


Please find below the dates and times for the clinics and the schedule of topics for the ix weeks which will be held by myself, Joe Biggs and Charlotte Nutt:
– Monday 2nd November – Monday 14th December – 1-2pm – Ricky and Charlotte
– Friday 6th November – Friday 18th December – 1-2pm – Joe and Charlotte
– Saturday 7th November – Saturday 19th December – 1-2pm – Ricky


Week 1 – Putting
Week 2 – Chipping
Week 3 – Bunkers
Week 4 – Irons
Week 5 – Driving
Week 6 – On the Course

The cost is £120 for six sessions and groups are limited to six people to ensure quality of learning with places offered on a first-come-first-served basis. For further details or to book your place please contact the Sports Shop.

New Arrivals in Store

The New Titleist TSi Range – Now Available for Custom Fitting

Titleist TSi2 and TSi3 bring a breakthrough titanium face to golf as brand unveil their longest, straightest, best-looking, and best-sounding drivers and fairway woods.

The Titleist Speed Project began with a challenge to the world’s greatest players. The mission to solicit speed from every detail on the driver. The TS Project is a pursuit of speed. where every micron and milligram matters.

*New Face. New Possibilities – Working with something as tough as ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium is not easy, which is why no one else does it. But this unique alloy, made by a single foundry in Pittsburgh, USA, is the key to creating a driver face that delivers increased ball speed at every point of contact.

*Faster in The Air. Faster at Impact – Improved aerodynamics lead to added speed that you can turn loose on the course with confidence. TSi is tuned to feel fast in your hands and look square at address, with a shape as satisfying as the sound.

*Multi-Dimensional Stability – Players often equate “high MOI” with heel to toe forgiveness, but we employ a more holistic approach to MOI design. Our inertia also delivers more speed and a tighter spin range up and down the face, freeing you to attack every drive.


*Performance-Tuned Adjustability – The adjustability features of TSi have been engineered to deliver maximum benefit for every player. We continue to refine the ways in which a fitter can fine tune performance to ensure you get the most out of every swing

*Optimised Weight Distribution – Refined crown and face thickness, creates Titleist’s lowest ever CG for higher launch and lower spin

We have the range of heads and shafts now available for full custom fitting with Trackman 4 technology in the studio. The official release date is Thursday 12th November so contact the Sports Shop to get your advanced fitting today!

Footjoy Winter Boots

FJ Specialty winter boots offer a unique style designed for golf with versatile features for optimal performance – available in both Black and Tan – perfect for winter, priced at £109.


  • Full grain leather upper providing a luxurious look and feel
  • Fleece-lined collar for added comfort and warmth
  • Lightweight and responsive cushioned midsole with Duramax rubber outsole compound
  • One-year waterproof warranty

Footjoy Dryjoy Tour

DryJoys Tour golf shoes blend traditional styling with cutting edge stability PODS technology to enhance platform stability which we need in winter conditions. This shoe comes in wide and extra wide and is available in three different colours priced at £149.



  • Performance leather – supple, lightweight, durable and 100% waterproof with a 1-year warranty
  • Excellent midfoot support
  • Midsole and outsole designed to provide a durable, stable
    hitting platform