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Winter has arrived on the golf course but we can help!

With soggy lies and cold hands, winter golf can be tough, but a diving thermometer does not have to mean a rise in your scores. Find below some tips from the professionals on how we can make help make your golf more enjoyable this winter …

Get yourself a good pair of wet weather gloves

Keeping your hands dry is crucial to enjoying your golf and a wet weather pair of gloves is a must have for every golfer – it will help you keep things under control when it rains. The wetter they get, the firmer they grip, helping you to keep a hold of both your clubs for just £19.95.

Keep your hands warm

When your hands are too cold, you lose feeling in them and golf becomes almost impossible. Buy a pair of winter mitts and drop a couple of hand warmers in them to keep your hands toasty. We have a selection of oversized mitts from £24.95 whilst handwarmers are just £2 a pair.

Get yourself a good base layer

A cold body is a stiff body and will cost you both distance and feel. Wrapping yourself up in a fat-suit of jumpers, however, is almost certain to limit your golf swing. The answer? A wafer-thin, heat- locking base layer – we have some great options from UnderArmour, Kjus and Rohnisch from just £39.95

Waterproof Golf Bags

A waterproof golf bag is simply a must-have item to keep all your belongings and clubs dry for the inevitable rain you will be playing in. Why not treat yourself to a new lightweight, waterproof, and reliable stand bag for the winter season ahead? There are 4 colour options plus the choice of owning one with or without the Roehampton logo for £169.95.

Need New Waterproofs?

Prepare yourselves for the inclement with the best waterproofs in the industry for both men and women.

We have often advertised the best new brand in performance winter clothing – KJUS. Their clothing is fit for skiing, so it passes the demands of golf. The key features are as follows:


– Guaranteed waterproof
– 4 way stretch materials for freedom of golf swing
– Lightweight and quiet materials for maximum comfort
– Expert design for golfers with specific features for golf
– Unbeatable design and fit
– Breathable fabric so you do not overheat!

Come and try it for yourself in the Sports Shop today and get prepared this winter.

Fresh grips and spikes to avoid slippage!

If investing in new clubs or new shoes is not for you – our repair service is your answer! We have a great selection of grips that we can replace in under 24 hours to give you clubs that feel brand new and give you more control this winter – grips start from just £9 which includes fitting!

With those muddy, wet lies, having grip on your golf shoes is so important – we offer a full respike service on your golf shoes for £13.95 to ensure you are safe and stable in those winter ground conditions.

The ultimate winter shoes – Ecco GoreTex

Guaranteed waterproof shoes with maximum stability and maximum comfort all in one shoe. Ecco still have the softest feel in a shoe made with their own Yak leather and the Gore-Tex lining keeps your feet dry while letting them breathe at the same time. This is a must for golfing through puddles this winter and there is one or two out there this morning … We have a range of sizes in men’s and ladies available to try.


Pro’s top winter tip – Tee it high and let it fly!

To maximise your distance off the tee in winter, you need to increase your carry. That’s why it is well worth teeing the ball up a fraction or if you have you have got an adjustable driver, perhaps put the loft up or slide a weight back to increase launch angle. Set a little more weight on your back foot at address and make a normal swing from there. These minor tweaks will help you find a few crucial extra yards this winter!


Junior tennis racquets now in stock

We now have a full range of Babolat Junior Tennis Racquets available from 19 – 25 inches for both boys and girls as recommended by the Roehampton Club Coaches. Your child can benefit from the latest materials and innovations that are specifically designed for young players. Made from aluminium, our Ballfighter racquets are lightweight and feature larger head sizes, making tennis easier and more fun to learn – prices start from £24.95.

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Junior Golf Academy – Winter Term Dates

It was fantastic to have 78 budding junior golfers join us in our 13 weekend classes last term. I am pleased to announce we are now taking bookings for our Winter Term – please see below for further details.

New programme starting weekend commencing 31st October/1st November
– Week 1 Putting
– Week 2 Chipping/Bunkers
– Week 3 Pitching
– Week 4 Irons
– Week 5 Driving
– Week 6 Skills Challenge

What your Junior will get out of the academy …

  • Sport skills, games and life skills while covering all aspects of the game
  • Learning rules and etiquettes of the game
  • Specifically designed skills challenges to monitor your child’s progress over the course of the term
  • Half term reports
  • Pathway to Junior Membership at Roehampton Club
  • All lessons are delivered by our qualified and experienced PGA Professionals Charlotte, Jake, Joe, Will and Wesley
  • Sheltered facilities and wet weather plans in inclement weather – sessions are never cancelled

Each session lasts one hour and places are limited to just six children offered on a first-come, first- served basis.

Sign your children up at a time that is convenient for you
Saturday – 9am, 10am, 11am, 12noon, 1pm and 2pm
Sunday – 9am, 10am, 11am, 12noon, 1pm

The cost is £90 per person for the term and all payments must be made in the Sports Shop prior to the first session.

Places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. To book a place please visit the Sports Shop, email or call 020 8876 3858.