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We are all very excited for our return to the Club and will be working hard in preparation in the coming weeks. We will be resuming coaching services from Monday 29th March with 1-1 and group lessons going ahead in accordance with the Rule of Six restrictions and we will also be offering several Easter golf camps for our Juniors. Coaching will be available seven days a week so contact us anytime to schedule a lesson; we are on hand to help make the return to golf an enjoyable one!

Though you are not able to enter the Sports Shop initially from March 29th our team will be on hand to serve you from the door. We aim to open the shop to showcase our new summer clothing collections on Monday 12th April in line with government guidelines along with our recently refurbished Performance Studio for indoor custom fitting and coaching.

Please get in touch if there is anything I can help you with –

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  1. Lockdown Regripping Service – return to golf with a new set of grips
  2. Junior Golf – Easter Golf Camps – book your child’s place today.
  3. Tilly’s Tennis Gear Guide – shoes for the various playing surfaces.
  4. Lockdown Restringing Service – get your racket ready for your return

Lockdown Regripping Service – return to golf with a new set of grips!


Why is the grip such an important part of the golf club?

The grip is the only part of the club a golfer touches. It is often overlooked, but in fact it is extremely important. New grips allow golfers to hold the grip with minimal grip pressure which allows them to swing the club properly with acceleration – we simply cannot do this with grips that are glazed, hard, and slick!

What impact is having worn grips going to have?

Several negative things can happen when golfers play with worn grips. Worn grips can cause slippage, which in turn causes off-centre strikes and can lead to poor scoring. Worn grips do not provide the proper amount of traction, so golfers squeeze the club tighter to maintain control.

Think about it like tyres on a car. Would you drive a car with smooth tyres with zero tread? No – the same can be said for golf clubs and grips.

What benefits will players get from a fresh set of grips?

The benefits are endless – increased traction, more tackiness, better performance in wet weather, comfort, less tension in your hands resulting in smoother swings and ultimately all these benefits lead to lower scores and more enjoyable golf!



How it works:

  1. Contact me at and I shall be in touch to discuss the various options and sizes we have to offer – prices range from £7 – £14 per club which includes fitting.
  2. Drop your clubs off to us at the Security Gatehouse or I can retrieve them from your locker at the Club.
  3. Your clubs will be checked, regripped and cleaned ready for action.
  4. I shall return the clubs to the Gatehouse for you to collect at your convenience, alternatively, you can leave them with us in the Sports Shop to collect when we re-open or I shall return them to your locker.

Easter Golf Camps

Our Easter Golf Camps will be hosted by PGA Professionals Jake Watson and Wesley Byatt, who will deliver a fun, structured programme for all levels covering all aspects of the game. We aim to develop solid fundamentals in a fun learning environment through games-based learning.

We will run two sessions on each of the below dates from 9am-12noon or 1pm-4pm – you are welcome to sign up for multiple days. The cost of the sessions is £50 per child, per camp and places are limited to just six children per coach. Dates as follows:

  • Wednesday 31st March, 7th April, 14th April – 9am-12pm – Ages 5-9 – Discovery Squad
  • Wednesday 31st March, 7th April, 14th April – 1-4 pm – Ages 10+ – Explorer/Challenger Squad
  • Thursday 1st April, 8th April, 15th April – 9am-12pm – Ages 5-9 – Discovery Squad
  • Thursday 1st April, 8th April, 15th April – 1-4 pm – Ages 10+ – Explorer/Challenger Squad
  • Friday 2nd April, 9th April, 16th April – 9am-12pm – Ages 5-9 – Discovery Squad
    Friday 2nd April, 9th April, 16th April – 1-4 pm – Ages 10+ – Explorer/Challenger Squad
  • Saturday 3rd April, 10th April, 17th April – 9am-12pm – Ages 5-9 – Discovery Squad
  • Saturday 3rd April, 10th April, 17th April – 1-4 pm – Ages 10+ – Explorer/Challenger Squad

How to book your child’s place

Email with your child’s name, age, date and time of the group you wish them to attend – if you are unsure of your group please contact Jake by email to

Payment must be made upon booking to reserve a space as demand is high – payment can be by BACS with the below details:

Company – Matthew Paget Ltd
Account Number – 10315322
Sort Code – 601731
Reference – Your Name

We are currently developing the Cadet and Junior Member offering at the club for our more advanced Junior golfers and we hope to release details soon – watch this space!


Tilly’s Tennis Gear Guide: shoes for the various surfaces

Wearing shoes specifically designed for tennis is essential, not just to better your game and footwork, but also to prevent injury. The traction you need to play tennis is far different than you would need if you were running! Tennis shoes typically differ to a regular pair of trainers in that they offer more stability and support on the sides of the shoes. They are made to provide sufficient support, cushioning and traction for the amount of lateral movement and rapid starts and stops tennis requires. We will have a full range of shoes available in the Sports Shop to cater for all your needs.


Hard Court

The most popular and common surface in tennis is a hard court and it is the most demanding when it comes to durability on the sole. Hard courts can vary, some are slower and gritty, others are quicker and more slippery. Either way, hard court shoes are adaptable to the demands of this surface.

Most hardcourt shoes feature a herringbone (zig-zag) pattern, enabling an ideal balance of grip and give on the court. They provide sufficient cushioning and a midsole which effectively assists in the transfer of energy with every step whilst also absorbing shock from the harder surface. Hard court shoes are the most versatile and although not ideal, they can be used on clay or grass courts.


Clay Court

Clay courts are typically one of the slower surfaces and although the movement can be trickier to master right away, finding the right shoe should be simple. The right level of traction is important to help you move gracefully on a clay court and ample lateral support is vital to maintain support when sliding into shots.

The outsole of a clay court shoe will usually feature a full herringbone tread pattern, allowing for sufficient grip on the slippery surface. The design makes sliding from side to side more predictable, meaning you can glide into a shot and recover whilst maintaining the traction needed for moving forwards and backwards.

The sole refrains from clay lodging to the outsole allowing for more traction when starting, stopping or changing direction. If clay does build up at all, a couple of taps to the shoe with your racket should knock the clay loose from the sole – as demonstrated by the pro’s at Roland Garros.

Grass Court

Although there are usually less grass-court shoe options to choose from, the surface tends to play fast and it is important to have the correct shoes for this surface.

The sole of a grass-court shoe features pimples, providing suitable grip for players on what can often be a slippery surface. Despite the tread, the sole should not do any damage to the court and will help players feel comfortable moving quickly on the fast surface. Unlike hard-court shoes, this are not suitable for other surfaces.

Lockdown Restringing Service

Tilly is now offering a racket restringing service so you can return to court when the Club reopens with a newly strung racket!

How it works:

  1. Email Tilly at to discuss what string might work best for you and your Tennis – prices start from £25
  2. Tilly will then arrange for you to drop your racket off at the Club, she will restring it and have it ready for your return to tennis!



Ricky Pharo | Professional Services Manager|