This Sporting Life

Roehampton Club is a multi-sports club.

However, there are some Members who never play any sport.  There are some Members who play more than one sport and do so several times a day.

Why do we play sport?

All sports players will immediately say that it is due to a combination of:






Avoids boredom

Competitive instincts

Anti-dote to work

Amplifies travel

Conversational gambit

‘Dunno – I just do it’

Let’s examine a few of these.

Judy’s diary entry for Saturday :  ‘Tim very quiet and distant at supper last night.  Not his normal self.   I am concerned that he may have found another woman’

Tim’s diary for Saturday : ‘Terrible day.  Could hardly eat a thing. Judy very talkative at supper.  She seems to have no idea that I missed that putt on the 16th.  How could I?  OK – downhill with a left to right break but I completely messed it up.  I am not the man I used to be.  Need a new putter’. Or more?


Challenge – yes but leading to failure

Health – loss of appetite and low morale

Sociability – not a great meal

Fun – definitely not

Habit – not another missed downhill putt!

Avoids boredom – yes

Competitive instinct – yes, yes, yes

Non-work – should have stayed in the office

Conversational gambit – no

Dunno – ?

Yes – 4/10

No –  6/10

Tennis, croquet, squash, billiards, swimmers (not sure about them), gym bunnies – all will be able to relate to Judy and Tim.

So – why do we do it?

You see – we LOVE it!

Simple as that.

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