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Art Lecture, Tuesday 11th May – 7pm – Charles Rennie Mackintosh – Art Nouveau and Vienna by Dr Anne Anderson

Free on Zoom for all Club Members

In 1900 Charles Rennie Mackintosh and The Glasgow Four were invited to exhibit their avant-garde designs at the Vienna Succession. Vienna welcomed the Glasgow style. The sensuous lines of French Art Nouveau were renounced in favour of clean geometric forms. The black and white checkerboard pattern exemplifies this new design ethos.

European Modernism appears to evolve from this meeting of the Scottish School and the Viennese Succession, leading to the Bauhaus and the International style.

Dr Anne Anderson is an Honorary Professor at Exeter University, Art Society Lecturer and V&A tutor.  She has curated four major national exhibitions such as Beyond the Brotherhood The Pre-Raphaelite Legacy (2019—20), written books and been published in leading arts academic magazines.  She has held several prestigious fellowships including Fellow of the Huntington Library, CA  (2008-09 and 2018-19) and lectures worldwide including USA, Canada and has made four Australian tours.

This is an extra lecture sponsored by Roehampton Club so that all Members of the Club can watch free online.

A Year in the Life of the Queen – Virtual Talk by Viv Haxby, Thursday 13th May at 6.30pm

Roehampton Club Member and Blue Badge Guide, Viv Haxby, will regale us with nitty gritty information about HRH Queen Elizabeth’s life. We will hear about her support team – both the Royal Family, and the ‘men in grey suits’. If you ever wondered who is entitled to the style HRH, Viv will explain.  And even more importantly we will learn who curtseys to whom within the Family.  The Queen has been at the heart of the annual round of pomp and ceremony for nearly 70 years – Viv will tell the stories behind some of these royal events.  We will look at the royal homes and how they are used, and you will learn how it is all paid for.  And obviously Viv will not forget the royal corgis!

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Save the dates

We are pleased to announce a trio of exciting new events to look forward to over the coming months. Please save the dates and look out for more details and how to book soon.

Friday 28th May – Drive-in Cinema  

Good movies are meant to be shared! Join in the first Roehampton Club Drive-In Cinema and re-live the magic of the American drive-in movies!

The Drive-In will be a fully contact-free experience, ensuring a Covid-19 safe environment with a film the whole family can enjoy with refreshments served to your car – should be great fun.

Thursday 9th September – Alas Blackhurst & Frei

An evening with two eminent journalists who certainly do not pull their punches – Chris Blackhurst and Matt Frei. As Members they both swim regularly in the Outdoor Pool chatting and putting the world to rights on a variety of topics.


We have asked them to transfer their insight with humour to a no-holds-barred evening with supper to answer all your searching questions. Not to be missed.

Saturday 24th July – Family Day ‘A Very British Affair’

A day of fun, entertainment, and refreshments for the whole family. We are hosting again our ever-popular day in the gardens where our younger Members particularly enjoy all the games and activities on offer.  Parents and grandparents can come too!

Event write ups

Recent event reviews

Our latest virtual events series – In Conversation with … Inspirational Women talks by four different inspirational women, on a range of topics from Breast Cancer to Polar Expeditions to the Large Hadron Collider, launched recently with Roehampton Club Member and Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon Dr Joanna Franks.

Joanna Franks, Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon, Thursday 15th April

We were delighted that Joanna agreed to repeat her talk from earlier in the year, so that more of our Members were able to find out more about this tough but important topic. One in eight women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer, and most of us know someone touched by this disease. Joanna talked thoughtfully and succinctly about modern breast cancer care, from assessment to treatment and when and how to access breast services.

Here’s what you had to say:

‘Very informative. Delivered in a clear and easy-to-listen to manner. Highly recommend’

‘Joanna was extremely knowledgeable and very good at conveying her knowledge to those of us without a medical background’

‘The detailed, frank and clear presentation of factual information – thank you’

Vicky Booth, CEO of Inspiring Girls International, Monday 19th April

Over 25 Members enjoyed listening to Vicky Booth, the CEO of Inspiring Girls International.  Vicky discussed her career path, her involvement in initiatives to support women in politics and her work for the past 15 years Inspiring Girls International.  Inspiring Girls International is a charity dedicated to raising the aspirations of young girls around the world by connecting them with female role models.

Here’s what you had to say:

‘Just a note to say how much I enjoyed Vicky’s talk yesterday evening. It’s wonderful to know that this charity exists to help young girls know how many possibilities there are and that they can choose what they want to do in life. Vicky’s an inspiration herself and a brilliant speaker. A big thank you to her for sharing such valuable insights.’

‘I was very interested to learn about the work that this charity is doing to encourage and inspire young girls to aim high and not be held back by their gender. Vicky is an excellent speaker and communicator. She gave us valuable insights and presented the information in a very engaging manner.’

‘So interesting to find out how this great organisation is empowering women!’

Dr Tracey Berry, Senior Physics Lecturer at Royal Holloway University, London, Friday 23rd April

About 30 Members booked to listen to fellow Roehampton Club Member Dr Tracey Berry. Tracey discussed her career path, beginning with her Edinburgh university days to her role as Senior Lecturer at Holloway University.  It was fascinating listening to her incredible research on the Large Hadron Collider and the ATLAS detector.  It was a pleasure to listen to Tracey for a great afternoon of science.

Here’s what you had to say:

‘It was unusual. Although it was technical, the slides and explanations were clear enough to give a general picture.’

‘Extremely interesting and informative talk on a subject of which I know nothing and which I would be unlikely to learn about otherwise. Talk was pitched at the right level for a general audience and made very clear and attention-holding by graphics and personal information. Brilliant! Thank you’

‘Please thank Tracey for her talk this afternoon. It’s made me realise how little I understand about the Standard Model, let alone the work on possible new ideas about it.  I will be reading up more…. I do some science and maths tutoring, including Physics A level but need more advanced articles than the A level books!  It was many, many years since my Physics degree (and later one in Biology) so do try to keep very slightly up to date at a general low level! So, an inspiration for me to read more – appreciated.’

Nicki Davis, Operations Manager – Food, Beverage and Events –