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In conversation with … Inspirational Women

In conversation with … is a series of free virtual talks by four different inspirational women, on a range of topics from Breast Cancer to Polar Expeditions to the Large Hadron Collider.

All the talks will last approximately one hour with a chance to ask questions at the end.

Vicky Booth – CEO of Inspiring Girls International

WAS Monday 19th April

Vicky Booth is the CEO of Inspiring Girls International, a charity which works in 22 countries across the world to raise the aspirations of young women by connecting them with female role models. She is also a trustee and founding member of The Parliament Project, which supports women who want to get involved in UK politics. Vicky will join us to discuss her own career journey, her experience working in the charity sector, and why it is so important to continue inspiring women and girls despite all the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Dr Tracey Berry – Senior Physics Lecturer at Royal Holloway University

Friday 23rd April, 3pm 

An insightful session into the work and career path of physicist and Club Member Dr Tracey Berry. Tracey will talk about her research on the Large Hadron Collider, which accelerates particles and then collides with them at the highest energy in the world. The outcomes of the collisions are observed using the ATLAS detector, which is the world’s largest volume particle detector ever constructed. The entire ATLAS collaboration consists of around 5,000 scientists from over 37 countries with more than 169 universities and laboratories collaborating in this exciting research.

Dr Giulia Castellani – A Year in the Arctic: A Close-Up Look at the Biggest Ever Polar Expedition

Wednesday 28th April, 6.30pm

Since September 2019, a team of 600 researchers from 19 countries united in a common mission known as MOSAiC – the Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate – whose mission was to chart conditions in the Arctic for one continuous year. Dr Giulia Castellani from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany will share this once in a lifetime experience of the biggest polar expedition ever made. 

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New events – save the dates

Friday 14th May – Drive in Cinema

Good movies are meant to be shared!  Join in the first Roehampton Club Drive-In Cinema and re-live the magic of the American drive-in movies!

The Drive-In will be a fully contact-free experience, ensuring a Covid19 safe environment with a film the whole family can enjoy with refreshments served to your car – should be great fun.

Thursday 1st July – Alas Blackhurst and Frei

An evening with two eminent journalists who certainly don’t pull their punches – Chris Blackhurst and Matt Frei. As Members they both swim regularly in the Outdoor Pool chatting and putting the world to rights on a variety of topics.  We have asked them to transfer their insight with humour to a no-holds-barred evening with supper to answer all your searching questions.  Not to be missed.

Saturday 24th July – Family Day ‘A Very British Affair’

A day of fun, entertainment and refreshments for the whole family.  We are hosting again our ever-popular day in the gardens where our younger Members particularly enjoy all the games and activities on offer. Parents and grandparents can come too!

Recent event reviews

Food for Thought Virtual Talk – Wednesday 7th April 

Last week, we had the pleasure of having food nutrition expert Inna Wear give a virtual talk for over 30 Members. Inna talked about how mental health and nutrition are closely linked and how to improve your wellbeing by making the correct variety of food and lifestyle choices.

Here’s what you thought:

‘Inna spoke very clearly and honestly about ways in which we could improve our nutrition to maximise our brain health, and she reinforced many things I had heard in the past, but she made sense of it all, and I will try and follow her advice in the future when planning meals. I am most grateful to Roehampton for organising this talk.’

‘Well presented and excellent information.’

‘She was so informative as she covered so many areas of health and food issues. A really good package in an hour, and I look forward to listening to it again.’

Murder Mystery Evening Murder on the 18th hole – Thursday 8th April

Over 40 households enjoyed something a little bit different last week, a virtual Murder Mystery evening. Led by actors, Members of all ages, became crime investigators, interrogating suspects and examining evidence to resolve the Murder of the Chairman of Skellington Golf Club. 

Here’s what you thought:

‘All age groups took part, which was fun, and it was well put together.’

‘It was amusing, and I liked the way young Members could join in too.’

‘Well organised and great fun.’

‘It was an enjoyable and entertaining evening!’

Live Lounge Series  – Karl Lutchmayer, Piano recital, 9th April

The latest performance in our Live Lounge Series, we welcomed back the wonderfully talented Karl Lutchmayer. Karl, a world renowned concert pianist,  started the evening in remembrance of HRH by playing the slow movement from Schubert’s A minor piano sonata. His other works were (in order):

  1. Brahms Rhapsody in G minor op79 no 2
  2. Haydn Sonata in F major (1st movement)
  3. Debussy La Cathedrale Engloutie
  4. Ravel  Ondine

Here’s what you had to say:

‘Many thanks for organising such an inspiring event, I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal!’

‘Thank you Nicki for arranging another lovely evening of beautiful music. As you said, a very restful start to the week-end.’   

‘Thank you for a lovely evening of music.’

Nicki Davis, Operations Manager – Food, Beverage and Events –