Snooker Report

The Snooker Room has been as busy as ever over the last few months, and accordingly we have changed the booking schedule to thirty-minute slots to allow more flexibility. This should reduce wasted half hours when matches finish early, or people have planned a half-past-the-hour start time. This also allows Members to book a quick thirty-minute practice session if they wish, or to squeeze a match into ninety minutes if they think they are able. However, the standard two-hour session is still available if players wish to play for longer. Please cancel sessions if you know you will not be able to use them, or indeed if you finish early. This will hopefully allow for greater numbers to have their turn on the hallowed cloth. Several Members keep their eyes on the MyCourts system, so even a late cancellation can be snapped up.

We had a couple of matches against other clubs before Christmas with very mixed results. We won against our great rivals, RAC Woodcote Park, but sadly lost without troubling the scorers to Royal Mid Surrey. This is usually a close fixture, but they were on fine form and we could not quite string together the breaks we needed. Both events were great fun, and we look forward to more fixtures over the coming months. We will soon be playing the Savage Club in the annual London Clubs’ competition, where we hope to end a run of bad form over the last few years. Thanks to Craig de Silva for his continuing captaincy, and all those players who have made these evenings such convivial occasions.

The second league of the season is well into its second month; please play all matches by 10th March. We will have a third and final league between March and June. The James Selby Trophy, our winter handicap knockout is entering its quarter final phase. I will soon invite players to participate in the scratch knockout, effectively our club championship. Defending champion Pradip Patel is on a great spell of form, but there are plenty of worthy advisories to take him on. The Roberta Luxton (Ladies’) Trophy draw has just been published, and the league stage of that event should be played by 30th April.

Cue well.

Andy Newell | Snooker Chair