Snooker Report

Despite the obvious interruptions, the Snooker Section has managed to complete most of the annual tournaments, and we are only a few weeks behind schedule. We have not run the leagues since the first lockdown as many players have understandably chosen to stay away, however most knockouts have been completed.

I was lucky enough to win the final of the 2020 summer handicap knockout – the Roehampton Shield – in a tactical thriller against Henry Neame. Had audiences been allowed to attend I’m sure they would have been on the edge of their seats, or perhaps just in their seats wondering when the next pot was coming.

With the James Selby winter handicap knockout progressing well in its quarter final stage, I have sent out an email to arrange the scratch knockout draw. This is the prestigious Atherton Collins Trophy, currently held by Pradip Patel. Please let me know by email if you would like to participate.

Meanwhile I plan to resume the leagues in September, based on the results we had last time. I will be in touch then to confirm players or add new ones.

There is also the 2021 summer handicap knockout to look forward to, but I will delay the start of it to avoid too many deadlines. Please watch out for an email. The Roberta Luxton Trophy has been drawn for the ladies and I look forward to the results flooding in soon.

In the meantime, please feel free to book the Snooker Room, it is available to all Members, and all the necessary equipment is in the room. Please let me know by email if you would like to be included in future competitions, or if you just fancy a friendly game to get you started. Contact me on

Enjoy the sun, but when it gets too hot, have a snook. 

Andy Nowell | Snooker Chair