Seniors’ Golf Blog

Since my last report, our Seniors’ team has played two more matches and indeed notched our first win of the season against Ealing. These fixtures will continue to be played away until we get the go ahead to entertain visitors from the beginning of July.

As promised in an earlier report the Seniors’ Committee aims to include as many seniors as we can in our teams. We can only do this if seniors go onto Intelligent Golf, sign up for the seniors’ squad and then indicate their availability to play on the dates set out. We cannot select people who have not put their names forward! The only requirement for selection is the wearing of a team kit – a shirt and sweater. A new order is being made for items this week and so please contact Louis Laville or Ricky Pharo urgently

The weather has not been very kind in the last fortnight, and I have noticed that the course has been emptier than previously. This may explain why Wednesday’s start sheet for the May Grail had fewer entrants than for the previous Grail and for the Spring Medal two weeks ago. Nonetheless triumphing in a field of 60 is no mean feat, and I congratulate all those who achieved a good result.


May Grail

The prize winners were:

1st Place – David Moss – 44 Points
2nd Place – David Paterson – 38 Points
3rd Place – Hassan Dajani – 37 Points
4th Place – Brian Hall – 36 Points (Back 9 – 19 Points)
5th Place – Rocky Mowat – 36 Points (Back 9 – 18 Points)

Finally, I should say that in the spirit of the new handicapping system, a number of seniors have been joining in the Friday Stableford. Not only have they been able to keep their handicap up to date but also the scores entered are being counted in the Summer Eclectic competition.

Douglas Millar | Acting Chairman