Men’s Senior Golf News 

The October Grail was the final event before lockdown. It was also our last event using CONGU handicaps. Hopefully you have all complied with the requirement to update privacy settings on your IG profile and you can now see your new WHS Handicap Index. We have been advised that there are some teething issues with the data required for the new system so it’s possible there may be some revisions in due course. However we aren’t playing any golf at the moment so there is time for this to be sorted out.

Senior Order of Merit 2019-20 

The October Grail was also the final event in the 2019-20 Senior Order of Merit. This began in what feels like a different age i.e. November BC (Before Covid). There were ten events (eight Grails and two Medals) in the past year instead of the usual 14. The top 10 players in each event are awarded points (the Winner gets 100 points and the 10th player gets 10 points) and in addition, 10 points are awarded to everybody who completes a Grail or Medal round.

 The objective of the Order of Merit is to encourage participation in our flagship Grails and Medals and it is good to report that a total of 121 Seniors played in one or more of these events.   Not surprisingly the top places are usually occupied by those who play in most if not all of our events. Our 2019-20 winner David Bouch achieved a 100% turnout with ten appearances including two Grail wins.  However the next two places are occupied by players who did not win an event.  Neil Symons is the runner-up following a series of good scores since we emerged from lockdown and Roy Martin in 3rd place managed to overtake almost everybody despite playing in just five events.  

The full list of prize-winners is shown below.

                                             Played    Grail/Medal wins     Points

1st    David Bouch           10                           2                                430 

2nd  Neil Symons           9                                                                390

3rd   Roy Martin               5                                                             360

4th   Quentin Robey        9                         1                                    350

5th    Alun Hughes           9                        1                                    320

Quentin Robey, Men’s Senior’s Golf Chairman