The Rock’N’Roll Years daily broadcasts

From fellow Member and music aficionado Chris Bray

Do you know who invented the term Rock’n’Roll? It first appeared in 1954 to describe the emerging new brand of music favoured by strange human beings called ‘teenagers’. During the 1980s and 1990s the BBC produced a series of 30-minute programmes entitled; The Rock’n’Roll Years. Each programme covers one year from 1956-1989, giving 34 programmes in all. Each programme consists of news clips providing an excellent and entertaining history overlaid with music from the year and includes footage of some the bands/musicians performing.

The programmes have never been made available on iPlayer and probably never will be, but Member Chris Bray is lucky enough to own the complete set (of varying quality).

To provide some entertainment and education Chris will broadcast one programme per day at 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

To view, you need to use the Video Conferencing Programme, Zoom. The link below will take you directly to the broadcast, it is the same link each day. The Meeting ID and Password are provided as back-up in case you have problems. Meeting ID: 824 0007 2166  |  Password: 088783

Please join the Zoom ‘meeting’ by 5.25pm each day so that we can start promptly at 5.30 pm

Schedule w/c Monday 22nd June

Monday 22nd June 1986 – Westland, Hampton Court, Chernobyl, Queen, Eurythmics, Libya, Spiiting Image, Terry Waite
Tuesday 23rd June 1987 – Earnest Saunders, Zeebrugge, AIDS, Bananarama, Hungerford, Hurricane, Black Monday
Wednesday 24th June 1988 – Tax reforms, Florence Joyner-Griffiths, Ben Johnson, The Rise of Hacking, Clapham Rail Crash, Edwina Curry and Eggs
Thursday 25th June 1989 – East Midlands Aircrash, atanic Verses, Guns and Roses, Hillsborough, Marchioness, Tiananmen Square, Fall of the Berlin Wall
Friday 26th June Pot Pourri – To conclude the broadcasts I am going to do a one-off show which will show a selection of various favourite items that I have recorded from the Internet over the last twenty years. This will include: iconic adverts, music clips, comic clips, key moments from history

I hope that many of you will join me on this journey through history!

Chris Bray | Board Director