Racquets Director’s Diary

Club Championships Week
19th – 26th June 2021

Entries for the Tennis Club Championships are now closed, the draws and schedule will be sent to all players at the beginning of next week. All matches will take place on the grass courts (weather permitting).

The social events for the week will include the middle Wednesday Cocktail night – Live music and drinks poolside on Wednesday 23rd June and the Finals Day presentation and after party on Saturday 26th June. Full details for these events will be confirmed once the Government has confirmed if the current restrictions will be lifted.

Junior Club Championships

Entries for the Junior Club Championships are now open. All matches for the junior events will take place on finals day 26th June. The list of events are as follows:

8 and Under Girls and Boys
9 and Under Girls and Boys
10 and Under Girls and Boys
12 and Under Girls and Boys
14 and Under Girls and Boys
18 and Under Girls and Boys

To sign up please call Reception on 020 8480 4200 or email Reception_Main@roehamptonclub.co.uk

Padel Tennis

Although the skills required to play Padel Tennis and Lawn Tennis look similar, there are some big technical and tactical differences between the two sports. To hit effective groundstrokes in Padel the swing path needs to be flatter. Players also need to move forward when the opponents are hitting overheads and learn how the ball reacts off the glass walls at the back and sides of the court. All these ideas feel very different for tennis players!

If you are interested in learning how to play Padel tennis in the correct way. You can sign up for adult and junior weekly coaching sessions and book private lessons at the following link:


The Padel Tennis interclub leagues have also started. If you are interested or want any more information on Padel tennis at Roehampton Club, please email paul.lindsay@roehamptonclub.co.uk

Dan Lott | Racquets Director | dan.lott@roehamptonclub.co.uk