Racquet Director’s Diary

Since the Club’s reopening, it is great to see the tennis courts full, with players getting their game back into shape. The fact that Members can now play doubles is also good news. However, under normal circumstances we would be in the heart of the Club Championships with finals day, the GANT Championships and Wimbledon just around the corner. Bearing this in mind the tennis team are looking into having some form of Club Championships at some point so please look out for more details over the coming weeks …

 Junior tennis programme

Before lockdown the junior tennis programme unfortunately had to stop with just under three weeks to go until the end of the spring term. We are now restarting the programme on Wednesday 24th June until Sunday 12th July. This will allow us to finish the spring term.

We will then send renewals out over the summer holidays to start afresh in September. All Members who were involved in the programme will be contacted by email and given the relevant information.

If your children were not involved in the programme before lockdown and would like to join a group for this period, please email Nik Snapes: nikolai.snapes@roehamptonclub.co.uk before 20th June. See the table below for the available spaces …


Day Time Length Year of Birth Number of Spaces Standard Number of Weeks Price
Tuesday (red) 17:15 55 Mins 2013 or 2012 1 Development 2 £30
Saturday (red) 10:00 55 Mins 2013 or 2012 2 Development 3 £45
Saturday (orange) 10:00 55 Mins 2011 2 Development 3 £45
Sunday (orange) 11:00 55 Mins 2011 4 Development 3 £45
Tuesday 17:00 55 Mins 2010 1 Development 2 £30
Tuesday 17:00 1hr 25 Mins 2010 3 Competitive 2 £40
Sunday 10:00 55 Mins 2010, 2009 or 2008 2 Development 3 £45
Monday (yellow) 17:00 55 Mins 2009 or 2008 3 Development 2 £30
Tuesday 17:00 55 Mins 2009 or 2008 1 Development 2 £30
Saturday 14:30 55 Mins 2009 or 2008 3 Development 3 £45
Saturday 16:30 55 Mins 2007 or 2006 2 Development 3 £45
Sunday 11:00 55 Mins 2007 or 2006 2 Development 3 £45
Saturday 11:00 55 Mins 2005, 2004 or 2003 1 Development 3 £45
Sunday 12:00 55 Mins 2005, 2004 or 2003 3 Development 3 £45


MyCourts Bookings

Please may I remind all Members to input their playing partners’ names when booking a court online. I know it may take slightly longer but the new LTA guidelines state we must do this so we can keep track of who is onsite each day.

So that MyCourts can show your name on the booking sheets, you should allow permission. If you have not already done this please follow these instructions:

1  Log into the Members’ website at www.roehamptonclub.co.uk

2  Click BOOK COURTS on the Members’ website homepage

3  Select ‘privacy settings’

4  Click the box to ‘accept your name will be shown on the Booking Sheets when you book and when others book courts and select you as “playing partner/opponent”’.

If you have any problems with this, please email your permission to dan.lott@roehamptonclub.co.uk and I will do this for you.

Checking in for courts

There are three ways you can check-in for your court booking when you arrive at the club.

  1. Call Reception on 020 8480 4200 and ask them to check in for you
  2. Ask the Security Team and the Gatehouse to check you in.
  3. Use GPS check-in. (please note that to do this you will need to be outside the main Reception and have your location services turned on in your smartphone settings).

Full instructions can be found here

Access to Grass Courts 20 – 24

Please note that to access grass courts 20 to 24 Members need to walk behind the croquet pavilion and enter the courts at the side of the Club’s back gate. This is to reduce the traffic with the golfers walking to the 10th tee.

Tennis leagues

The Club’s tennis leagues were put on hold just before we went into lockdown with just under three weeks to go. Therefore, they will recommence on Friday 12th June and finish on the 5th July. I will then run another league cycle throughout the summer as I am sure many Member will be staying in London this summer. When playing matches please keep to the LTA social distancing guidelines


Dan Lott | Racquets Director | dan.lott@roehamptonclub.co.uk