Planting pots and window boxes

by Club gardener Kate Burrow

I hope you are all well and managing to get out into nature, it’s such a glorious time of the year where we can enjoy the cherry blossom, wisteria and the sounds of spring that seem much louder in lockdown.

So, what better time to turn our attention to adding a splash of colour in your garden, balcony or front door? We often have to go outside up close to really appreciate the garden but why not bring it a little closer by planting some simple pots and leaving them on your garden table top near the window.

Violas are a good little number, not so blousy as its cousin Pansy and better able to withstand against the wind. Just look at this variety aren’t they stunning!


I can hear you saying ‘but Kate where am I going to get them from?’ if you’re lucky enough to find a garden centre or nursery that will deliver during lockdown that’s your best bet. Nurseries are selling produce as currently aiming to sell unused stock.


These were plug plants from Sussex where I am currently residing. I see that Adrian Hall were doing deliveries but are currently not taking any more orders as they have had a huge demand, hopefully they will be open again soon. It’s worth having a search online and asking your friends if they are in the know. Check out the neighbourhood forum, NextDoor in your area.


Here’s a few that I’ve found: Dobies, Suttons, RHS, Crocus and Garden store online.

Popsicles purple/yellow viola – Deadhead by gentle breaking off stem and you should get another couple of blooms.

You can of course grow from seed if you have the patience or look at these other suitable plants Lobelia, Petunia, Verbena, Begonia, Cosmos and Geranium to name a few.


Crocus company are offering pre planted hanging baskets and patio pots so there really is something for everyone.


Window boxes with herbs or small vegetables like Radish and Lettuce are easy to grow and very rewarding.


Bye for now, Kate