Message from the 1st Tee

Is this picture of Bubba Watson real?

Well, the simple answer is yes, it really is Bubba swinging, but the shaft bend is not truly happening like this. If it was, the ball would have so much backspin on that it would fly vertically and significantly off target too. The answer is very simple and revealed in this online video I posted last week, which has been watched a discussed more than most videos I have posted, whereby I discuss what is actually happening in this picture:


If it was real, then we would see this much bend in every photo of the world’s top players as they all swing at similar speeds.

Are you really swinging how you ‘feel’ you are? 

One of my most commonly used coaching phrases is that “feel and real are two different things” and I learnt it from Tiger Woods’s coach who coined it many years ago. We feel so much in our swings, but a golf swing moves at approx. 60-90mph in 1.5 seconds, so are you really sure your interpretation of that feeling is exactly what is happening? Videoing your swing really helps me to really explain what you are feeling and I am seeing. From there corrections are simple. Let me know how you “feel” and can we make better feel real: 07974 403289

Family Christmas Golf Day


Sunday 13th December

1pm start, 10 minute intervals

All abilities and ages welcome!


Come and sign off the year with our Christmas Family Golf Day. Dress code is Christmas hats and the winner will win a special prize! The more Christmassy the better. I will be on-course to offer free tuition and guidance. 

Last of the live sessions this week and sign up for the live 2021 winter YouTube sessions 

Ask your questions and join the Roehampton Members **LIVE** YouTube online golf Q and A with Head Golf Professional Richard Harrison. 

Schedule this week: 

Saturday 28th at 9am, deep dive into the technical elements of the swing. This week impact and follow through, plus a couple of swing myths covered!  

On Tuesday night of this week, I ran a live Q&A session for the Scratch Team players of the Club and had some fascinating insight into their games and their views on the game. I intend to run some evening sessions for all Members starting early January 2021, to give us something to fill the long winter nights; assuming you will all be outdoors during the day getting the best of the daylight, just like I will be!

Please let me know if this is something you would like to join as well as setting me some topics which you would like me to cover:

Richard Harrison | Head Golf Professional