Message from the 1st Tee

Ask your questions and join the Roehampton Members **LIVE** YouTube online golf Q and A with Head Golf Professional Richard Harrison


Schedule this week

Friday 13th November: 10am, discussing length of swing with all your clubs.

Saturday 14th November: 9am, deep dive into the technical elements of the swing. Direction of forces this week.


Schedule thereon

Tuesday (times will vary and TBC) and Saturdays 9am


During the last lockdown, many Members tuned in each week to watch the live golf tuition discussions I ran from the 1st tee or the indoor studio. What really made the sessions so enjoyable for me were Member questions during the livestreams and that is why they always over ran on time! We sat online chatting amongst ourselves on a wide range of golf topics and I could demonstrate and explain answers as the questions came in. I established many new wonderful Member relationships.

How to join in the live Q and A

Step 1: Go to my YouTube page –

Step 2: Sign in or create a YouTube account. This is simple. All you need is your email address. The sign in tab is ordinarily in the top right hand corner of the page and you can create an account here:

Step 3: Once your account is set up, subscribe to my channel and you will be able to join the debate live as I broadcast. You will also receive updates automatically.

Member input is what made the sessions so varied and I found myself being able to dig deep into my knowledge bank to explain fully all your chosen topics which in the course of a normal lesson I would talk about in very condensed ways.

Results on Members’ swings and handicaps from the lockdown tuition

Information is one thing, but hard work makes the information beneficial. Check out the excellent impact position of one of my most dedicated lockdown pupils, the recently engaged Helen (congratulations, I am so happy for you). Helen is a 20s handicap golfer and she tuned in each week to join in and engage in the Saturday morning technical sessions I ran. These sessions attracted all the engineers, scientists, technically minded and golf nerds, so we had great fun delving into mechanics. Helen returned from lockdown a significantly better golfer and in her first lesson back, hit the ball like I have never seen her do before. At least another 15% distance.

Ian, pictured here, is another unashamed technically minded, science seeker and he too joined the Saturday sessions each week. Since lockdown he has gone from an established beginner to a regular scorer in the 40s over 9 holes, which is incredible and testament to him being very dedicated. Check out this very simple and orthodox position at the top.

Do not let the dark nights and lockdown get you down. Come and join in and establish new friends and engage in the debate.

Richard Harrison | Head Golf Professional