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Senior Summer Eclectic

The September Grail was the final event of this competition. Only six rounds (four Grails and two Medals) were played due to COVID-19.  23 Seniors played at least one round and they managed to score 48 birdies and 2 eagles between them (don’t ask about the bogeys).  Prizes have been awarded to the following players.  Note – only one prize each.


Lowest Nett                               Gross/Nett

1st    David Bouch                       70/52   Winner of the Hamid Lari Trophy 2020

2nd   Alec Lever                           70/53

3rd    Hassan Dajani                    75/54   (Countback)

4th    Don McKenzie                    72/54


Lowest Gross 

1st    Roy Martin                           59

2nd   Quentin Robey                    67


Lowest Nett by a player over 75

Michael Wright                                74/56



Roy Martin                                       5th

Quentin Robey                                6th


October Grail

The startsheet is now open for the next Grail which will be played on 26th October.


Quentin Robey | Senior Golf Chair