Men’s Golf Blog

Earlier this year, on St Patrick’s Day as it happens I started my Captain’s blog with the words ‘what a time to be alive!’ We could hardly have imagined the year we were about to have, and so it continues, with every other week seeming to herald the beginning of even more extraordinary times. Perhaps I shouldn’t attempt to plan any travel; our seasonal plans, to drive to Nancy in France, have unravelled faster than a badly knitted Christmas jumper!

Thank you so much to everyone who played in last Saturday’s Christmas Charity competition in support of the Captain’s Charities; 90 players in total I believe. What started out as a small gathering of golf mates having a pre-Christmas game together, and putting some money towards the Captain’s Charity, has grown rapidly over the past 2-3 years, not exponentially (currently a ‘popular’ term and much mis-used) but certainly linearly, by doubling in size each year since 2018! I must especially thank the wonderful Mr Keith Atkins for setting this in motion once again, and the kind assistance of Tristan and Louis in making it possible.

Of course we weren’t spared a couple of seasonal showers, but there were some definite sunny spells and much to enjoy. My team was a man down after two holes, with Keith Duncan sadly having to leave the course, but by the time myself, Roger Mountney, and Claire Martin had reached the 15th tee we learned that Dr Keith had safely delivered a baby boy, guaranteeing a joyful, if potentially sleepless, Christmas for two lucky parents! Claire predicted it would be a boy, and that she’d score 20 points on the back 9, which turned into 23 points by the end. I should have asked her for lottery numbers …

By the time we were walking off the golf course, rumours and leaks of incoming Tier 4 were already circulating, and so here we are today in Tier 4. We can only hope that golf is not restricted any further, but two-ball golf over 9 holes is certainly better than no golf.

Just a recurring reminder to please take care of the course, especially with repair of pitchmarks. Also, we are carry only at the moment, no trollies allowed, so most of us are carrying a half set in stand or pencil bags. Please do not lay your pencil bag down on the surface of the putting greens, as I have observed one Member doing so (from a distance …). There have also been a few reported issues of poor on-course etiquette and behaviour. Please, everyone, be considerate and courteous towards your fellow Members.

Wishing all Members a happy Christmas, and much better times for all in 2021.

Nollaig Shona Daoibh! Joyeux Noël à tous!

Gerry Dennigan, Men’s Golf Captain