Men’s Golf Blog

Seems like I can’t help but tempt fate. Having referred to how dry and scorched the golf course had become, nature duly responded by nearly washing us off the golf course yesterday afternoon while playing the first of the long awaited Captain and Pro matches for 2020.

Many thanks to my good pals John Sivers and Bobby Wilkinson who stepped forward to take on myself and Ricky Pharo. Such a pity about the weather over the front 9, though Ricky seemed completely impervious to it and was 3 under gross at the turn. We were all especially impressed with his stunning long range bunker shot on the 10th to 18 inches, for which he used 9 iron, with the ball forward in his stance, and with the club face open. Ricky made his 7th birdie on the 15th, our last hole, to go 5 under par. (I did also contribute to our victory by the way!) At least the weather improved for the back 9 and it was a very enjoyable match.

Note that all the Sunday matches in September and October have been booked but there are 4 Wednesday afternoon matches still available. These are on 2nd September (Will Hancock), 9th September (Mark Heyes), 30th September (Charlott Nutt) and 7th October (Ricky Pharo).

Now to the Founders Cup and George Gadd Medal, where we saw some excellent scoring from a big field of 102 players. The top 16 golfers shot net 69 or better; well done chaps! However, Mike Kappler was the man of the day with a 63 nett (75 gross) and the worthy winner of the Founder’s Cup and, I think, the George Gadd Junior Trophy (50% chance of me being wrong). Shaun Erasmus was the other George Gadd trophy winner with 68 nett. Other notable performers were Mike Piesse with 68 gross and David Birn with 70 gross. Next up is the Autumn Meeting on September 12th and 13th.

Before that we’ll play the Annual Captain and Past-Captains versus the Club, led by Vice-Captain Paul Taylor, on Saturday 5th September. Refer to Ryan’s e-mail of 18th August for details. Should you wish to play you can register your availability on Intelligent Golf under: Competitions > Matches. You will need to join the Men’s Squad to see this match.

Keep enjoying your golf, repair those pitchmarks and yes, keep those shirts tucked in!

Gerry Dennigan | Men’s Golf Captain