Ladies’ Golf Report

Before you all start, I know it was Pinnacle Point in the previous photograph not De Zalze, abject apologies!

I am beginning with the very sad news that Susie Beard has died, she was lovely and a delight to play golf with. Keep an eye on the noticeboard for details of her funeral.

Now some more cheerful news, Emma Angood and Henrietta O’Shea are representing Roehampton Club in the Daily Mail Foursomes and have won their first round 5/3 against Richmond.

It was lovely to see Alan Scott at the Club to hand the trophy to Jo Cochrane who played a brilliant round in tricky conditions to win the trophy with 47 points. I had the best group I have had in this competition and a thoroughly enjoyable round managing to trail Jo by 15 points!

Saturday 14th March – this is the date of Ireland v Rest of the World as a pre curser to St Patrick’s Day. It is already fully subscribed but if you are available and would be keen to play should someone withdraw then please let me know. I look forward to reporting on this in my next blog. 

Club Day is looming don’t forget to pay for lunch at Club Reception by 13th March or you will not be catered for and please don’t forget to bring a bottle to donate to the EWGA Bottle Raffle which raises money for England girls’ golf.


I cannot express the result better than Jane! ‘Marvellous is what I say! All a bit touch and go with the weather and if we would lose home advantage, but the course was open with four temporary greens which we are allowed. Having lost 2/1 away we really had to try to win 3/0 at home which is a big ask. We did it, Jo won 5/4, Lorna won 3/2 and I won 4/3. Well done to Jo and Lorna as they beat the girls to whom they had lost away.’


The Pearson squad have drawn Burhill in the first round of the knockout phase of the competition and their first match is at home on 16th March, so we wish them dry weather and good luck.


The draws are out so please ensure you contact your opponents and put a couple of dates in the diary!

18th APRIL 2020

Before you know it, this prestigious Club event will be upon us. We would like as many of you to come and watch as possible, it is wonderful to watch these girls swing a club you will learn the meaning of ‘go through the ball, turn your hips’ however, we also would like volunteers to walk with the groups as we did last year. Please contact Tricia Morgan is you would like to do this. There is a list will on the notice board so that you can sign up. If you can only do 9 holes please don’t be shy to say so.

Bridge Charity Day – 3rd March 2020 

Thank you all so much for contributing to the charity fund for Wandsworth Summer Scheme it is very much appreciated. The result of the Tuesday competition was –
1st – Debs Good, Vivien Harris, Ali Jacobs and Therese Swanson – 55pts
2nd – Ellie Elliot, Jo Thesiger, Henrietta O’Shea and Emma Angood – 54pts
3rd – Alva Powell, Pamela Rayment, Angela Waddingham and Astrid Woloszczuk – 50pts (c/b)

We have a winner for the pitch mark repair ditty

I’m a little pitchfork small and deep

Designed to fix greens with a simple tweak

Keep me in your pocket for all 18

And bring me out on every green! – LC

I hope the winner is attending Club Day to receive her prize

Dhiren our Head Marshal has requested the Captains remind you to do all the above. Please comply.

Curtis Cup

The Curtis Cup is being played in North Wales this year in June and Annabell Fuller will be playing. If you would like to support her you can find further information on the link below.

Match clinics

Jake and Charlotte ran an excellent clinic for the Ladies’ Friendly Golf Squad on Monday. If you have ever wondered if you can play 9 holes from the practice range – you can! And we had plenty of rules quizzes too. There are still a few spaces left in the clinics for the rest of the month, so sign up or see Jake in the Sports Shop and he can add you onto the lists.


Angela Atkins | Ladies’ Golf Captain