Ladies’ Golf Report

Ladies, I have had a complaint from the Head Professional no less, informing me that on the last two Tuesdays there have been large numbers of unrepaired pitch marks! So, Pitch it, Repair it, Simples. I am sure you are with me in thinking that we do not want a reputation as a section who doesn’t look after the course. Please, every time you set foot on a green, check for your own and other people’s pitch marks. A bottle of champagne for the best ditty to encourage us all to remember to repair. To this end I give you the first two to vote for below. However, I am sure there will be more to come!

I’m a little pitchmark small and deep
Enough to make greenkeepers weep
Never fear, do not despair
Roehampton golfers always repair 

– AA

And secondly:

I’m a little pitchfork small and deep
Designed to fix greens with a simple tweak
Keep me in your pocket for all 18
And bring me out on every green! 

– LC

Please send me your entries at – open to everyone in the Club.

I joined the Nine and Wine group of Nicki, Caroline Leslie, Claire Martin, Kassandra and Aisling for some wine a week last Saturday and made my first significant faux pas of the year which they requested I share with you. Discussing the pros and cons of mixed golf I told them how frustrating it was to have to search for men’s balls! I will leave the subsequent hilarity caused to your imaginations.

Enough frivolity. The Derry Team have been in action in their home and away leg to Hindhead. A very impressive 3/0 win away from Aude, Lorna and Jane gave them a slight cushion going into the home match on a shortened course, which they didn’t need as Jo, Lorna and Jane won 3/0 at home too! Last Wednesday saw Aude, Lorna and Jane playing Hankley Common away on a freezing afternoon, sadly they lost 2/1. Good luck in the home match on 30th November.

The Pearson Team have also been in action against Tandridge away, Danit, Liz, Fiona, Emma, Bridget, Caroline Dewar and Henrietta had another convincing 5/2 win even though everyone was giving shots. Particularly well done to Henrietta who was giving 9 shots on an away course. Their next match is against Wentworth away today.

The Christmas Golf Competition is now full however, there is still plenty of room for the Christmas lunch for which you have to complete a form (allergies) and pay at Club Reception. The Committee would love to see you even if you do not play golf.

We have had a Fun Competition best two scores to count, three on the par threes in teams of three. Forty-eight people took part on the foreshortened course over 16 holes, missing out holes 9 and 10. Well done to Charlotta, Mary Parr and Astrid Woloszczuk (75 pts) playing in her first competition since gaining her handicap. Mary informed me that Astrid had outdriven her, so watch this space for Astrid’s name on the winning sheets next year.

2nd – Danit, Linda Wareham and Angie Goodale, 74pts
3rd – Susan Major, Keh Smith and Kassandra Spalding, 72pts. 

On Tuesday the last Stableford of the year was played, again this was non-qualifying owing to the Bunker works. The winners were as follows: 

Ladies Stableford Results (Non-Qualifying)

Division One Results –

1st Ali Jacobs                     35 points
2nd Deborah Good          35 points

Division Two Results –

1st Alison Christieson     37 points
2nd Claire Martin             34 points

I went to the Surrey AGM at Windlesham on Saturday Lorna reported on the impressive success of the Surrey teams in County Week. The Word Handicap System is on track to be adopted in the UK in November 2020. I would advise you all to enter as many qualifying competitions as possible next year. The best eight scores out of the last 20 rounds over a two-year period will be used to calculate handicaps.

There are still spaces for the 3rd December fun competition Stroke Index Challenge played in teams of three over fifteen holes.

I have had a request from our dedicated librarians Linda Hamilton and Mary Barlow who do a wonderful job and raise a goodly sum for the Captain’s Charity. They would like you to cull your bookshelves in search of good paperback fiction. Good luck ladies I am sure the donations will flood in!

Finally, some people have all the luck! Here is a picture of one or our NLGs; Anne Ryan, in Sun City.

If this doesn’t inspire her to gain her handicap next year nothing will!