Ladies’ Golf Report

So, we have woken up to the next Prime Minister and so much hanging on the result. You would not have known this on Tuesday as 98 ladies played in the Christmas Competition and a grand effort was put into the Christmas hats. Gerry Dennigan did a sterling job in his capacity as Judge.

Hat results

Individual hatPammie Rayment 

Runner upCharlotta Lyckeus

Team firstLorna Robey, Barbara O’Boyle, Lynda Dawson and Polly Lewis 

Team second – Sarah Dring, Sandra Fox, Sue Lennox and Lydia Charles

104 ladies attended the traditional Christmas Lunch.


Golf results

Team third Sue Grant, Jane Peel, Gunilla Huldt and Helen Maguire

Team secondCaroline Leslie, Alice Palmer, Christina O’Connell and Bridget Barton 

Team firstSue Latham, Pammie Rayment, Debs Good and Jo Thesiger 

We raised £800 for the Battersea Summer Scheme – thank you very much. Plus, a huge thank you to the Claret Club Choir. 

I joined the New Lady Golfers for their Christmas Lunch last Monday, a very jolly affair efficiently run by Charlotta and Caroline. Twelve ladies played a 9-hole Texas Scramble in glorious sunshine. The winning scramble team was Astrid Woloszczuk, Fiona Tricarico, Amanda Hodgson and Lisa Quine. Pictures below.


Last Thursday the Pearson team played Wentworth away losing 3-4 with the last match going down the 19th. Well done to the team of Danit, me, Fiona, Emma, Therese, Caroline Dewar and Henrietta.  The games in this match were amazingly even. That is all the away matches concluded with three home ones to come. Currently there are two wins and one narrow defeat. Last Friday the team were at work again in their first home match against Malden. The team of Danit, me, Fiona, Bridget, Emma, Claire and Lou won 6/1 with guess who the only loser!  They have their penultimate match against Tandridge today so best of luck to Liz, Fiona, Bridget, Emma, Therese, Caroline Dewar and Henrietta. A fantastic campaign so far – well done Tricia.


The Derry sadly had to postpone their last match as there was a trolley ban as well as the course being foreshortened while the Bunker Renovation works were taking place. 

Upcoming events

Our next competition will be Tuesday 7th January Coffee and Roll Up. This year, well, technically next year, we will have a 9 hole shotgun competition to avoid the normal melee. We are hoping it will run smoothly and that more of you will support it.  

Roll up for coffee and team selection at 9am shotgun at 10am. Afterwards to start the golfer’s year in a positive fashion Tristan has kindly organised a talk from Jamie Burrows, golf psychology coach, on ‘mindset’ on the golf course, this free event will take place in the Roehampton Room at 1.30pm. I hope to see you there, I know I need all the help I can get.

As I am sure many of you know, Ian our starter is leaving at the end of the year. We wish him enjoyment of his well-deserved retirement. Richard is running a 9-hole ‘farewell’ competition on Thursday 23rd January which I know many of you will support so please put the date in your diaries, electronic or otherwise!

Pitchmark competition

This week’s offerings …

I’m a little pitchmark on the green,

Made by a golfer mean, unseen,

Unconcerned, (s)he feels no shame,

Cares not a jot for others’ game.

I’m a little pitchmark small and deep,

If I’m on your line I’ll make you weep,

Left to dry I can’t repair,

Conscientious golfers will despair.  

– NA

If you see a pitchmark

It might even not be yours

Just get your little pronger out

And fix it early doors!

– IA

I’m a little pitch mark small and deep 

Wondering why the golfers here are asleep

If you’re too lazy to fill me in 

I’ll spoil your cards and they’ll be tipped in the bin!

– AB

Happy Christmas.