Ladies’ Golf Blog

Please mark your diaries for the annual Ladies’ Christmas Lunch, which will take place on 14th December.  The day will begin with a reception on the Piazza, weather permitting.  Please note that by popular request there will not be a hat competition, but please feel free to dress festively or decorate your bag and trolley. Golf will follow on at 9:30 with a shotgun start. The format for the nine-hole fun competition is 4BBB, with the two pairs on each tee combining their Stableford score for a team total.  We will change for lunch and meet in the Piano Bar before taking our seats at 13:00.

Sign up for the golf portion of the day opens on 16th November via Intelligent Golf, as per usual, with details provided on the page.

Lunch will be reserved via a Google Doc, which will also be available on IG, but also sent via email to all lady golfers. Everyone is of course welcome, whether playing golf or choosing to spend the morning sensibly warm and dry inside.  The cost of lunch will be deducted from Member’s Club cards (please ensure that you have sufficient Top Up).

A raffle in aid of my charity, Regenerate, will be set up on the day.  May I please ask for donations of prizes for the table … there is no theme other than a request that the gifts are items you would be happy to receive.  Collection will take place at Club Reception in the week preceding.  We are trialling a new system for selling the tickets in advance, details of which are below.  Of course, the Committee will also be offering tickets on the day for those who like the thrill of a last-minute purchase.

There will be a link to purchase raffle tickets on IG, as well as a Google Doc sent to all Members.  Anyone interested in supporting the charity will be able to choose the number of tickets they would like to purchase and the money will be deducted from their Club card.  The tickets themselves will be placed in an envelope with the Member’s name on it, ready to collect on the day in the Piano Bar.  For any Members who kindly purchase tickets but are not able to attend the lunch, a member of the Committee will check the numbers and notify any winners.  Members who prefer to buy their tickets on the day will be asked to sign a paper authorising the money to be deducted from their Club card.  Please note that there will be no facility for purchasing with cash.

In golfing news …

Unfortunately, both the Season Finale for Golf and the FE Bland Family Foursomes were cancelled due to heavy rainfall.

We trialled a new format for the Winter Foursomes knockout, whereby all the first-round matches took place on the same day. This decision proved very popular, as many people commented that it not only took the pressure off scheduling a game between four people, but having everyone out en masse provided a lovely, social atmosphere.

The Pearson squad hosted Malden Golf Club on 4th November.  A massive congratulations on their 6-1 victory.  Representing Roehampton Club were: Claire Martin, Therese Swanson, Siobain Rolston, Liz Collins, Caroline Dewar, Inga Kempton, and Jenny Carter.  A special mention to Inga, playing in her first Pearson match. Clearly nerves were not an issue as she trounced her opponent 8 and 7!  The team will play be in action again at home on 11th November, this time against Richmond Golf Club.

Best of luck to the Derry Cup team, who will play at Chipstead on 14th November.

The results of the Ladies’ Stableford held on 9th November are as follows:

Silver Division

  1. Rachel Gilman – 35 points
  2. Jo Thesiger – 33 points
  3. Vivien Harris – 32 points

Bronze Division

  1. Linda Hamilton – 36 points
  2. Pippa Walker – 32 points
  3. Emma Angood – 31 points

Congratulations to all who played.

As anyone who knows me is well aware, I am quite fascinated with the rules of golf, so I will pop an interesting or relevant one into my reports when it is otherwise a slow news week.  I thought it might be a good idea, with winter coming, to mention the procedures involved when you encounter standing water in a bunker.  The rule in question is 16.1c.  It provides that free relief may be taken from an abnormal condition in a bunker, and this is certainly available for casual water.  The player may drop her ball one club length not nearer the hole, while still remaining in the bunker. If no such relief is available, she must find the spot that offers the most relief, e.g., the shallowest part of the puddle!  However, if this is really unpalatable, she may, for one penalty shot, move outside of the bunker, by dropping the ball one club length along a line which goes from the original spot of the ball to the flag of the hole she is playing.  For further details, please refer to the Rule Book.

Patricia Morgan, Ladies’ Golf Captain