Ladies’ Golf Blog

Photo by Louis Laville

Welcome back! Let’s hope for good this time.

Amazingly there is quite a lot to talk about. The WHS is now in full swing and no doubt you will all have seen a change to your Handicap Indexes. If you have any questions then do ask Louis or Tristan. Unfortunately, with the 10th and 18th holes being reduced temporarily in length, there will not be the opportunity to return Qualifying scores.


All the knockout competitions have been put on hold for the time being, this includes the Surrey competitions however for the individual knockouts that begin next Spring please visit the Surrey website at for entry forms.


For those with new handicaps, Surrey run a number of competitions during the year and it is worth looking at their website to see if there are any courses or events you might like to enter. They advertise some “Opens” which you can enter with friends; it is a good way to play other courses.


There is a Weekend Ladies 9 and coffee (sorry for the winos) competition this Saturday, the Christmas 9 hole competition on Monday 14th December, where I hope to see a few of you around the Club. If you would like to buy a mulligan for my charity Wandsworth Summer Scheme for £5 that would be wonderful.


There is also a competition the following Saturday for both Gerry and my charity. Usually involving much conviviality in the bar sadly curtailed this year.

It seems a long time ago that the Claret Club Choir entertained us last December!


Angela Atkins | Ladies’ Golf Captain