Just thinking

I was just thinking …

I sat on the Club plaza – or is it a piazza – and was thinking.

All these people – here they are moving about, going somewhere and all of them are … thinking.

They don’t often bump into one another – so they must be thinking about not bumping into one another.

Then I thought about bumping into someone else. Then it struck me that ‘bumping’ is a funny word as you either hit someone or avoid them.  Or you sort of glance off them.  But bumping is much more fun than glancing.

Then I thought about glancing as in looking but not really looking – just glancing.  And that is a funny word too.

Then I thought about baked beans.  You see all those people would eventually go home.  And in EVERY single home there is a tin of baked beans.  And shoe polish.

Then I thought about their shoes. Apart from one dancing child everyone was wearing shoes. Unlike Diane Abbott they all seemed to have the left one on the left foot and the right one on the right foot. So, they must have thought about that when they put them on.  Then I thought about their toes inside their shoes. Then I quickly decided not to do that.  It was a bad thought.

Then I thought about having a bad thought and decided not to – again.  So, I rethought and thought about something pleasant.

And that brought me back to the plaza – or is the piazza? – and you.  Perhaps you were one of the people moving through it the other day, perhaps you are the mother of the child not wearing shoes – perhaps, you are now thinking about baked beans or shoe polish. Or finding her lost shoes.

Just thinking …

Duncan Christie-Miller                                                      All rights Reserved© July 2020