Health Club Update – 26th April 2021

NEW Outdoor Training Area

The Outdoor Training area will be available from Monday 2nd May, there has been a slight delay in the completion of works and we hope to have this available sooner if possible.

All Outdoor Classes will remain on the grass area by the Tulloch Clinic until we can move to the new artificial grass area.

Look out for more updates as we will be looking to introduce more activities for Members in this area over the coming weeks.

Online Fitness Class and On Demand Update – Monday 26th April 2021

Following an attendance review of our Live Class Timetable we will be making some changes to the Live Classes starting on Monday 26th April.

From Monday we reduce the number of Live Classes that Roy, Zuzana and the Gym Team deliver live each week. With the Gym re-opening the team are needed on the Gym Floor to support Members. In addition to this we have found that more Members are viewing their classes in the days after the class has been streamed live.

As Members are viewing the Gym Team Classes on demand more than Live we will continue to upload fresh weekly content every Monday to make sure there is something new each week for the following classes:

– HIIT and Core, TRX, Power Pump, Pilates

Please note no changes will be made to Live Classes from Ayesha, Susanne, Juliet and Jocelyn.

Special thank you

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our instructors who have been teaching online over the past year, they have been delivering fantastic classes and keeping Members active through a very tough year and we currently have online content of nearly 1,200 classes Members can view on demand.

I would like to thank Roy for his hard work for all the classes he has delivered on a weekly basis over the past year. From Monday 26th April Roy will be reducing his online classes and taking a well earned break from teaching online.

If you have any questions reading the timetable, please feel free to contact me on

Outdoor, online and pool class timetable – from Monday 26 April


7-7.45am – HIIT and Core – Zuzana –
7 – 7.30am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
7.45-8.45am – Pilates – Susanne –
7.45 – 8.15am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
8.45-9.15am – Conditioning Bootcamp – Blair
10-11am – Dynamic Pilates – Zuzana
10-10.45am – LBT – Susanne –
10.30-11.30am – Ballet Fit – Ayesha –
11-11.45am – Zumba – Susanne –
12-1pm – Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Juliet –


7-7.30am – HIIT Bootcamp – Gym Staff 
8.15-9am – LBT – Ayesha –
9.15-10am – HIIT and Core – Ayesha –
9.15-10am – Conditioning Bootcamp – Gym Staff 
10.00 – 10.30am – Mobility Stretch – Tanysha –
10.15 – 10.45am – GRIT cardio – Blair
11- 11.45am – Circuits Bootcamp – Blair
11am – 12pm – Pilates – Jocelyn –
11.10-11.40am – Hydro Spin – Susanne (Outdoor Pool) 


7 – 7. 30am– GRIT Cardio – Blair
7.30-8.30am – Stretch Pilates – Susanne –
7.45 – 8.15am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
8.45-9.30am – HIIT and Core – Roy –
9-10am – Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Juliet –
10.15-11.15am – Body Conditioning – Ayesha
11.30-12.30pm – Power Pump – Ayesha –
1.10-1.40am – Hydro Spin – Gym Staff (Outdoor Pool)


9.30-10.15am – LBT – Ayesha
10.30 – 11.15am – Conditioning Bootcamp – Ayesha
11.10-12.10pm – Aerotone – Susanne –
12.30-1pm – HIIT Bootcamp – Gym Staff
12.30 – 1.15pm – Abs Conditioning – Susanne –
7-8pm – Pilates – Susanne –


7-7.30am – HIIT Bootcamp – Gym Staff
7.45-8.30am – HIIT and Core – Tanysha –
9-9.45am – Circuits Bootcamp – Gym Staff
10-10.45am – Conditioning Bootcamp – Gym Staff
11.15-11:45am – Outdoor Spin Class – Trial – Gym Staff
11.15-12.15pm – Dynamic Pilates – Zuzana


8.45-9.15 – GRIT Cardio – Blair
9-10am – Pilates – Susanne –
9.30- 10am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
10.15-11am – LBT – Ayesha
11-11.30am – Stretch Mobility – Zuzana –
11.15-12pm – Conditioning Bootcamp – Ayesha
12.15-1.15pm – Dynamic Pilates – Zuzana


9-9.45am – Circuit Bootcamp – Gym Staff
10-10.45am – LBT – Gym Staff
10-11am – Pilates – Jocelyn –
11-11.30am – HIIT Bootcamp – Roy
11.20-12.20pm – Gentle Hatha Yoga – Jocelyn –

NEW Trial Outdoor Spin Class

Type: Express Spin
When: Friday 23rd April
Time: 11:15am – 11:45am
Location: Outdoor Pool
Instructor: Tanysha
Bookings: Available from Tuesday 20th April

If you have any questions please speak to a Member of the Health Club team, following this class we will be reviewing whether we can provide regular outdoor spin classes.

Class booking Information

◊ Bookings can then be made 3 days in advance (from 6:30am daily)
◊ Under all circumstances, please cancel more than 12hrs in advance.
◊ All no shows will be blocked from booking for a 7-day period.
◊ Please be careful and considerate when making bookings to ensure you only book one session.
◊ Please book the correct session that you wish to attend.
◊ We will make every effort to contact you if a Class is cancelled due to poor weather

Les Mills on Demand

Why not sign up to Les Mills On Demand, free for 30-day trial and experience all Les Mills classes from the comfort of your own home.
If you have already taken advantage of this offer, use another email address to qualify again.
Click here to go to Les Mills On Demand

If you have any questions speak to a Member of the Health Club team or please contact me directly, Luke Fenton, Health Club Manager –