Health Club Digest


Pool Timetable

Please see our updated Pool Timetables at

Outdoor Pool Opening and Closing times for March

Weeks Monday – Friday Saturday Sunday
2/3 – 8/3 7am – 5:30pm 7am – 5:30pm 7:30am – 5:30pm
9/3 – 22/3 6:30am – 6pm 7am – 6pm 7:30am – 6pm
23/3 – 28/3 6:15am – 6:30pm 7am – 6:30pm 7:30am – 6:30pm
29/3  (clocks go forward 1 hour) 7:30am – 7:15pm

Swimming hygiene

Please help us to keep the swimming pools as clean as possible by following these key steps:

Always shower before entering the water and after using the steam room and sauna

Under no circumstances should anyone swim if you have been unwell with diarrhoea in the last 72hrs

All children under the age of four years must wear a swim nappy at all times

Please encourage children to use the toilet before swimming 

Please do not allow your child to swim at least 90mins after eating

Please make use of blue shoes where available

Health Club Hygiene – Coronavirus

The Health Club is deep-cleaned every evening and enhanced cleaning measures are being taken: 

Gym / Studios

All gym and studio equipment, including mats are cleaned daily


All floats, poolside equipment and all blue mats are cleaned daily. All changing rooms, showers and toilets are cleaned throughout the day.

Juice Bar

The Juice Bar is cleaned constantly throughout each day

Help us keep the facility as clean and hygienic as possible by:

Making use of hand sanitiser when you enter and around the Health Club

Please wash your hands at every opportunity

Clean and wipe down all equipment, mats

Return all towels used to the towel bins provided

If you are feeling unwell, please refrain from using the Health Club until you feel well again. If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the Health Club team.

Updated Studio Class Policy March 2020

Booking Policy 

Studio Class booking opens six days in advance. 

Booking in advance is not compulsory but will guarantee your space.

Once a class is full, up to ten Members have the option to book onto the waiting list. If a space becomes available, the first person on the waiting list will automatically be given the place. This will be confirmed by email. 

Cancellation Policy 

Under all circumstances, please cancel more than 12 hours before your class is due to start. 

Within 12 hours, you will need to contact Health Club Reception to cancel. You will not be able to cancel online.

If you are already at the Club and wish to cancel your class, please notify Health Club Reception immediately. 

There is no penalty for your first late cancellation, just a warning. 

On subsequent occasions, the system will automatically suspend the Member’s booking rights for seven days.

No Show Policy 

On the first occasion there is no penalty for a no show. 

On subsequent occasions, the system will automatically suspend the Member’s booking rights for seven days.

Always ensure you collect a ticket from Reception, or this will be viewed as a no show.

Studio Etiquette 

All tickets should be handed to the studio instructor on arrival. 

All belongings should be left in changing room lockers, with no exceptions.

Members may not join a class five minutes after it has begun. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of all class participants. 

If a Member has not arrived by the start of the class, Members on the first reserve will be given the space.

Please wipe down equipment after use and leave in an orderly manner – as you would like to find it.

Please be respectful and allow house-keeping staff time to finish cleaning before entering the studio.

Please notify the instructor of any injuries or illnesses that may affect your participation in the class.