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NEW Outdoor Training Area – now open

The new outdoor exercise and activity area outside the snooker room opened up today for fitness classes.

Look out for more updates as we look to introduce more activities for adults and juniors to enjoy in this area over the coming weeks.

NEW Outdoor Spin Classes – Tuesday 4th May 2021

Following a successful trial we are launching Outdoor Spin classes from Tuesday 4th May on the artificial grass area by the Outdoor Pool until we can open the Outdoor Pool sunbathing areas.

Please see the weekly timetable below: 

7-7:45am with Tanysha (starting Monday 10th May and from 17th May will move to 9-9.45am)


9.30-10:15am with Clare (4th and 11th May only)


8.45-9.30am with Susanne


9:15-10am with Clare (6th and 13th May only)

7.15-8pm with Tanysha

Classes will only take place weather permitting, if a class is cancelled due to adverse weather, then we will make every effort to contact you.

As with all Outdoor Classes please wear appropriate clothing for the expected weather conditions, stay hydrated and wear sun cream when the sun is out.

There will be eight places available, and bookings can be made in the same way as all other classes, further information on bookings can be found below.

Book online via the Members’ website or give Health Club Reception a call on 020 8480 4225 to book your place.

NEW Solo Spin Classes

From Tuesday 4th May we will be offering a Virtual Solo Spin experience in the Spin Studio whereby an individual Member can book and take part in a Virtual Instructor led Class following along on our big screen in the Spin Studio.

We have over 20 recorded classes to choose from taught by Roy, Tanysha and Zuzana. These classes are from our online platform of classes and we are recording more content and we are also working on improving the quality of the videos.

This is another opportunity for Members to take part in this popular activity.

Solo Spin Classes will be 45mins in length and can be booked on the same time slots as Gym sessions throughout the week. For further Class booking information please see below.

From 17th May we will continue to offer Virtual Spin Classes in the Studio but will be able to increase the class sizes to five Members in one class.

Bank Holiday Monday Timetable Changes

The following classes will not go ahead on Monday 3rd May and will return as normal on Monday 10th May:

◊ 7-7.45am – HIIT and Core – Zuzana
◊ 7 – 7.30am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
◊ 7.45 – 8.15am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
◊ 12-1pm – Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Juliet

Online Fitness Class and On Demand Update

Following an attendance review of our Live Class Timetable we have made some changes to the Live Classes.

From Monday 26th April we will be reducing the Live Classes that Roy, Zuzana and the Gym Team deliver live each week.

The decision for this change is due to the Gym re-opening and the team being needed on the Gym Floor to support Members. In addition to this we have found that more Members are viewing their classes in the days after the Class has been streamed Live.

As Members are viewing the Gym Team Classes on demand more than Live we will continue to upload fresh weekly content every Monday to make sure there is something new each week for the following classes:

◊ HIIT and Core
◊ Power Pump
◊ Pilates

Please note no changes will be made to Live Classes from Ayesha, Susanne, Juliet and Jocelyn.
If you have any questions reading the timetable, please feel free to contact me on

Click here for online fitness via the ROEHAMPTON CLUB LIVE website

Outdoor, Online and Pool Classes


7-7.45am – HIIT and Core – Zuzana –
7 – 7.30am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
7.45-8.45am – Pilates – Susanne –
7.45 – 8.15am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
8.45-9.15am – Conditioning Bootcamp – Blair
10-11am – Dynamic Pilates – Zuzana
10-10.45am – LBT – Susanne –
10.30-11.30am – Ballet Fit – Ayesha –
11-11.45am – Zumba – Susanne –
12-1pm – Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Juliet –


7-7.30am – HIIT Bootcamp – Gym Staff 
8.15-9am – LBT – Ayesha –
9.15-10am – HIIT and Core – Ayesha –
9.15-10am – Conditioning Bootcamp – Gym Staff 
10.00 – 10.30am – Mobility Stretch – Tanysha –
10.15 – 10.45am – GRIT cardio – Blair
11- 11.45am – Circuits Bootcamp – Blair
11am – 12pm – Pilates – Jocelyn –
11.10-11.40am – Hydro Spin – Susanne (Outdoor Pool) 


7 – 7. 30am– GRIT Cardio – Blair
7.30-8.30am – Stretch Pilates – Susanne –
7.45 – 8.15am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
9-10am – Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Juliet –
10.15-11.15am – Body Conditioning – Ayesha
11.30-12.30pm – Power Pump – Ayesha –
1.10-1.40am – Hydro Spin – Gym Staff (Outdoor Pool)


9.30-10.15am – LBT – Ayesha
10.30 – 11.15am – Conditioning Bootcamp – Ayesha
11.10-12.10pm – Aerotone – Susanne –
12.30-1pm – HIIT Bootcamp – Gym Staff
12.30 – 1.15pm – Abs Conditioning – Susanne –
7-8pm – Pilates – Susanne –


7-7.30am – HIIT Bootcamp – Gym Staff
7.45-8.30am – HIIT and Core – Tanysha –
9-9.45am – Circuits Bootcamp – Gym Staff
10-10.45am – Conditioning Bootcamp – Gym Staff
11.15-11:45am – Outdoor Spin Class – Trial – Gym Staff
11.15-12.15pm – Dynamic Pilates – Zuzana


8.45-9.15 – GRIT Cardio – Blair
9-10am – Pilates – Susanne –
9.30- 10am – GRIT Cardio – Blair
10.15-11am – LBT – Ayesha
11-11.30am – Stretch Mobility – Zuzana –
11.15-12pm – Conditioning Bootcamp – Ayesha
12.15-1.15pm – Dynamic Pilates – Zuzana


9-9.45am – Circuit Bootcamp – Gym Staff
10-10.45am – LBT – Gym Staff
10-11am – Pilates – Jocelyn –
11-11.30am – HIIT Bootcamp – Roy
11.20-12.20pm – Gentle Hatha Yoga – Jocelyn –

Click here for the fitness class descriptions

Find instructions here on how to sign up for Roehampton Club Live virtual classes – updated with new feature (February 2021)

Class booking information

◊ Bookings can be made three days in advance (from 6:30am daily)
◊ Under all circumstances, please cancel more than 12hrs in advance.
◊ All no shows will be blocked from booking for a 7-day period.
◊ Please be careful and considerate when making bookings to ensure you only book one session.
◊ Please book the correct session that you wish to attend.
◊ We will make every effort to contact you if a Class is cancelled due to poor weather.

Les Mills on Demand

Why not sign up to Les Mills On Demand, free for a 30-day trial and experience all Les Mills classes from the comfort of your own home?

If you have already taken advantage of this offer, use another email address to qualify again. Visit

If you have any questions speak to a Member of the Health Club team or please contact me directly.

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