Gym Podium

Using MyWellness

Happy new year! 

Now it is January and the festivities are over it is time to refocus on our fitness goals. One way to do this is, to download the Roehampton Club Gym and Studios app which uses system cloud MyWellness. The main benefit of using the app is to track your exercise and see if you are making improvements in the weight you are lifting or in the times you are running. 

If you book a complimentary gym review we can put your workout on the mywellness system which will go straight to your phone via the app. By doing it this way there are videos and notes from your trainer on each exercise, making it a lot easier to remember. 

Another benefit of the app is that your Tanita Body Composition readings (if you do those) will also be added and you can track your body composition every time you have a scan, without having to ask a member of the team. 

You can attach your other fitness devices to the app, especially if you have a strava account as you can use this on our SkillBikes to cycle a ride that you did outside. You can also link up your FitBit, Garmin, myfitnesspal, Polar, Swimtag and runkeeper apps. 

If you have any questions please contact the gym team and as it is the new year, don’t forget to book in for your complimentary gym review! 


Tanysha Samways | Gym Team Leader